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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Young Justice - "Welcome to Happy Harbor"

Last night was the first episode of Young Justice after its premiere last year; and while I hadn't planned to do recaps of the show unless they featured Aquaman, it dawned on me that this new Aqualad is part of the whole return-to-greatness thing that Aquaman and co. are experiencing this year, both in and out of the comics. So let's make this short and sweet!

The episode opens with our young heroes trying to subdue a rampaging supervillain named Brick, with the help of their pal Speedy. After stopping Brick, they try and talk Speedy into joining up, but once again he angrily declines, dismissing the whole venture.
Back at their secret HQ (though its really not so secret, since the bad guys know its location, a nice nod to a classic JLA story), the team gets to know their new member, Miss Martian.
During a sort of training mission in their new Martian cruiser, the team is attacked by a new villain, Mister Twister (from Ideal!) and Young Justice has to learn via trial by fire to truly work together as a unit.

After Mister Twister is defeated, Miss Martian drops a boulder on him, seemingly crushing him to death. Robin and the rest are aghast, until its revealed that Twister is a robot duplicate--something Miss Martian knew by her inability to read his mind.

Turns out this was another attempt by the mysterious Camdus to learn more about the team and its erstwhile overseer, Red Tornado. To be continued!

I liked this episode of Young Justice just fine, though of course I'm always hoping we'll see Aquaman in some capacity. They're clearly building towards something here, and it'll be fun to watch where it goes.


Joe Slab said...

Good decision to include rob! I actually like the YJ version of Aqualad way better than what we've seen so far in the comics.

Aquaman, Mera, Garth, and other Aqua-cast members are scheduled to appear in future episodes as well.

Ken O said...

I'm not so sure Cadmus had anything to do with this one. The Professor looked like T.O. Morrow. I think it was more tracking down Red Tornado then anything to do with the kids.

Joe said...

Yup, I agree with that. It definitely looked like T.O. Morrow to me. I think it's a different plot line altogether.

Tempest127 said...

Despite the title, I had a feeling that this series would actually end up recapping the original Teen Titans adventures, rather than those of Young Justice. As soon as I saw the enemy, I groaned "Mr. Twister!" and, sure enough, up comes mean ol' Brom Stikk. It's fitting that the story features Aqualad, Kid Flash and Robin, since fighting Mr. Twister was how they met back in the pre-Titans days. This aspect is about all that won me over since, so far, this series is all moaning and attitude and little substance. I'm still waiting to be surprised.

Anonymous said...

You're forgetting the exciting part, Rob! Aqualad swims! Underwater! He actually does something "aqua" for once (something he never got around to doing in the first two episodes).

James Chatterton

Earth 2 Chris said...

A good episode. Superboy is quite the angry young man, which is understandable. Aqualad is obviously the most mature of the group. It's kind of odd not seeing Robin in that role, but I guess they don't want to tread on the same territory as the Teen Titans series.