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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Weston's Mego Ad - 1973

I found this vintage newspaper ad for a chain called Weston's while doing some research for some other posts. I retroactively thank whatever glue-stained, hard-working paste-up artist put this together for including the Aquaman piece of stock art instead of Robin!

$1.99 each? I weep at the very thought...


Woodrobin said...

Are they . . . prancing? That's a little too "Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark." No wonder Robin didn't appear in the ad.

I can imagine the conversation in the Batcave: "No way, Bruce. I went along with the short-shorts and the pixie shoes, but I draw the line at *prancing*!"

Russell said...

Those are the poses that came straight off the original boxes, so to me they are iconic, not in any way, shape or form "prancing," haha! (although if you know the Robin pose from that era, it *does* sort of look like he is "vogue-ing!")

Aaron said...

I always enjoy how Mego's Aquaman stock art was traced off a Carmine Infantino Flash piece.