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Monday, January 03, 2011

New Aqua-Poll!

Our last Aqua-Poll was such a smashing success that I thought the Shrine should jump right into another one, again the idea of F.O.A.M.er Joe Slab: What's Your Favorite Portrayal of Aquaman in Other Media?

Unlike the Favorite Era poll, this one can be pretty much all-encompassing, in terms of representing all the possible choices. I did leave out any Aquaman portrayal from the various RPG/video games, because I felt its not really fair to compare them. But in terms of movie, TV, or cartoon Aquamen, they're all here!

Its also probably not fair to compare the Superman: The Animated Series and Young Justice Aquamen, since they've only racked up one appearance each (although the latter will get to catch up, of course). But if they're your favorite, click away!


Unknown said...

haha not to be a wet blanket... but my favorite other media portrayal is Aquaman in the Crisis on Two Earths animated movie!

rob! said...

I contemplated putting him on the list, but A)nine Aquamen ruins the graphic, and B)He was in it so briefly I really didn't think anyone would miss him.

*sigh* I try so hard...

Wings1295 said...

Love the poll! I voted!

Diabolu Frank said...

Filmation. That was the one time a wholly recognizable Aquaman was The Man to general audiences, plus he had his supporting cast. Super Friends was the origin point of the broad perception of Aquaman as a useless joke. The other portrayals were either too brief or too off model (unless you loved PAD.)

Saranga said...

The only other media I've seen Arthur in is Smallville and that pilot.

I don't actually like him that much in Smallville - he fits in with the show but he's not really Aquaman.

As for the pilot, well Justin Hartley makes a terrible Arthur. He's so much better as GA. (Hartley is my newest celbrity crush so thanks for the eye candy pic!)

So I voted for Smallville.

aquaman said...

Filmation was the Aquaman that EVERYONE knows. Face it fan boys, they were the ones that made him famous! I do love the comedic quality on Brave and Bold, and his look is ... well... BIG DADDY but not really Aquaman. I think B&B Arthur is winning since its the latest incarnation so temporarily popular. Filmation will always be the go to for me!

JasonMotesBowles said...

I'm not surprised that B&B is in the lead. That IS a great interpretation, but Super Friends is where it all began for me, so that's the version I voted for.

Earth 2 Chris said...

I had to go with Super Friends. Sure Aquaman got the short end of the stick sometimes, but he looked really cool on his sea horse, and that telepathy sound effect still comes to mind whenever I think of Aquaman.

I like the Filmation toons but didn't see them until I was 10 or so. B&B's Aquaman is fun, but he took some getting used to.

Smallville's Aqua-Bro is a fun guest-star, but not how I'd want to really see Aquaman on TV. Although his last episode was getting closer!


Anonymous said...

Sure, the B&B version is funny and all, but if you ask me it continues to ridicule Aquaman the same way the Super Friends did. It's Aquaman on steroids and XTC.

Man,It was really hadr for me to chose one, since they're not particularly "epic" in any way. I went with the new Young Justice Aquaman, because he's more "badass" than the rest. And the JLU version would be my second pick.

Filmation is great and all (and perhaps i feel this way because It was way before my time), but It was kind of silly (I hate tusky and the black underpants/boots).

Joseph said...

It was more difficult that I thought it would be choosing between Filmation and B&B, but I finally had to go with Mr. Outrageous. That guy is personality plus.

Joe Slab said...

I voted for "Outrageous" B&B Aquaman and strongly disagree with those who believe the cartoon is a parody of Aquaman.

B&B Aquaman is the Aquaman we will unfortunately never see in today's comic books; with Arthur Jr. alive, Aquaman is free to relish (rather than anguish over) his roles of father, husband, king, and hero!

Joe Slab

Russell said...

I picked SUPER FRIENDS because, compared to the other versions, this to me IS Aquaman. Even though sometimes he was handled badly, but, hey, isn't that true in the comics, too!?! He looked right, he sounded right, and he when he was handled right, he was PERFECT.

In my opinion, anyway. ;-)

The Irredeemable Shag said...

I was genuinely torn. I ultimately voted for Filmation, but strongly considered Aquaman from Superman: The Animated Series and the TV pilot. Maybe I'm broken, but I liked those interpretations a lot.

Just a suggestion, maybe future polls could allow you to pick your two favorites. Might give some insight as to other favorites when one choice clearly outshines all others. Just a thought.

The Irredeemable Shag

rob! said...

Shag--I thought of that, but (AFAIK) Blogger's polls allow one answer, or multiple answers. If I allowed the latter, I figured everyone would vote for nearly every choice, rendering the whole point of the poll moot. :)

But yeah, its hard picking just the one. They're all good in they're own way.

The Irredeemable Shag said...

Understood about the Blogger polling app. People will just have to pick their very, very best favorite!

The Irredeemable Shag

Anonymous said...

Can't really comment on Filmation Aquaman, he was just before my time. Young Justice Aquaman is off to a good start, Super Friends Aquaman speaks for himself, and neither of the live-action ones are in any way worth it.
So, it's a tough call between BatB Aquaman and JL Aquaman. JL was a badarse with a great backstory, but BatB basically makes every single scene pure gold. JL was every inch an Arthurian king underwater, but BatB was much closer to an all-too-human family man.
I think it mostly depends on if you prefer a light, comedic, yet still respectful treatment or a grimdark awesome one who looks like a pirate.

Anonymous said...

any 'Other Media'?

I choose Underoos - those things were the best growing up!

Original Superfriends is a close second.