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Friday, January 14, 2011

Mother Goose and Grimm - 12/26/10

F.O.A.M.er extraordinaire Russell Burbage caught this appearance by Aquaman and some of his JLA panels in the Dec. 26, 2010 edition of Mike Peters' Mother Goose and Grimm cartoon strip.

As rare an appearance by Aquaman on the comics page is, part of me thinks this might be the very first time Martian Manhunter has ever had the honor!

Great catch, thanks Russell!


Diabolu Frank said...

It's soooo weird to see Martian Manhunter in totally random places like this that are intended for mass consumption by normal people. I think he was in a Funky Winkerbean or a Foxtrot or something.

Meanwhile, an edited quote from a Bob Haney interview:
"HANEY: Well, I wrote that because Aquaman was one of my main books. I forgot. That’s one of the titles I keep forgetting. That was one I was a main writer on for some time. Nick Cardy, blah, blah, blah.

CATRON: With Mera and Aqualad and all that?

HANEY: All those characters. I created the brother, the half-brother. What the f****’s his name?

CATRON: The bad guy? Ocean Master. I read this stuff, Bob. [Laughs.]

HANEY: Yeah, right, you were just a kid.

CATRON: I was your audience!"

Russell said...

My pal Jason actually found it and pointed it out to me!

As for J'onn, I think he has a pretty high recognition factor lately thanks to JLA The Animated Series. HOWEVER....he doesn't fit in this scene, because he's actually NOT wearing his underwear on the outside; that's ALL he's wearing!!

David said...

Green Lantern or the Flash would be more familiar, but their costumes don't support the joke.