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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Guest Post by Joe Slab - Poll Results

sgWelcome to another Aquaman Shrine Guest Post!

We finished up another Aqua-Poll last week (Favorite Aquaman in Other Media), so here again is
F.O.A.M.er Joe Slab to talk about the results (with a little bit of me in here, too). Take it away, Joe!

The Aquaman Zeitgeist: Part Deux

The Aquaman Shrine's second favorite version of the Aqua-Poll sprouted right out of the 1st one, as Rob and I realized that the different eras of Aquaman's publishing history are significantly different than the representations of Aquaman found in other media, including cartoons, animated series, and even live-action. So the most recent Aqua-Poll focused on Aquaman "outside of comics" and again we had a healthy response from fans voting for their own personal favorite:
The clear winner in this poll, by a long shot, is the oh so (you know its coming…) OUTRAGEOUS! version of Aquaman in the ever-popular Batman: the Brave and the Bold animated series. Aquaman's popularity in this series speaks volumes, especially since he is only a sometime guest-star. One theory as to why this version of Aquaman resonates with fans of all ages is that the B:BATB Aquaman has elements of different comic book eras of the hero (Silver Age, 90's, Waterbearer, and even a nod to the blue camo uniform of the 80's mini-series), melded together perfectly with a boisterous mix of humor and regality. This Aquaman is like an underwater Hercules and he relishes his roles of father, husband, hero and king.

The other standout category in this poll was the Filmation Aquaman cartoons that ran in the late 60's and in reruns during the early 70's. Many a Shrine member I am sure was first introduced to the Sea King, Storm, Aqualad, and Imp by means of the 36 Aquaman episodes produced by Warner Television during this era. A product of a simpler time, these gems can be watched again by fans old and new collected on DVD today.

With very little statistical difference in their numbers, Super Friends,
JLU, Smallville, and Young Justice media versions of Aquaman all maintain a healthy fan base. I was surprised that Smallville's portrayal of AC (Aquaman's first live action treatment as played by Alan Ritchson) didn't garner more votes and was equally surprised at how many fans voted for Aquaman in the newly minted Young Justice animated series which only has one episode under it belt thus far. It appears Aqua-fans are expecting good things from YJ and I must say myself that the new Aqualad is a welcome and surprising addition to Aqua-mythos.

A cult favorite, Mercy Reef, was the pilot episode of a proposed Aquaman TV series that never came to fruition. With some cool moments including the mystery of Atlantis' connection to the Bermuda Triangle (which is currently a plot element in Brightest Day), fans were left hanging and will forever wonder what might have been.

Aquaman's sole appearance in Superman: The Animated Series generated a few votes, fewer than it probably deserves: the show's take on the Sea King was as a tough, no-nonsense man of action, unafraid of the Surface World and even Superman. Maybe if the show had lasted longer and Aquaman had had a chance to reappear it would have been a more beloved iteration of the character.
Thanks to everyone who voted, posted, tweeted, and re-tweeted regarding the Aquaman Shrine's most recent polls, member participation is what makes the Shrine such an awesome community to be a part of. I am sure Rob will continue with future polls and it never hurts to email him with suggestions for topics. I did!

Semper Fi F.O.A.M.!

Joe Slab


Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised at all. This version of Aquaman is loved SO MUCH that even Ian Churchill himself (and I don't care if he says he didn't, cuz that's just too much of a coincidence) completely based his new underwater hero "Marineman" on the B&B Aquaman. The dude is exactly the same. And don't get me wrong, I've been loving Churchill's work on Image's Marineman (his art and script) but to say that his character is NOT based AT ALL on Aquaman (and specially the B&B take) is to be lying a little.

Personally, I don't like the Brave and the Bold Aquaman much. I think it ridicules Aquaman, something he does not need. Craig Ferguson, Cartoon Network and Conan take care of that already.

Great poll, and great idea!

Dan H said...

Outrageous Poll. I love the take of the Brave and the Bold Aquaman.

I've come to like the bearded Aquaman more than the clean-shaven look. Am I alone in this? Currently in the comics he doesn't have a beard, but in Batman BaTB and Young Justice he is supporting a golden beard.

It would make a great poll and I love to see the results.