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Thursday, January 13, 2011

AquaSketches by Brent Almond

This Aquaman sketch was done by F.O.A.M.er Brent Almond, during a family visit last Thanksgiving and for his two nephews, ages 7 and 4, who are both big Aqua-Fans (who know him from Brave and the Bold, which is awesome).

Brent was conscripted to cranking out many drawings that day, here's a shot of a few of them:
...not shown: Spider-Man and Green Arrow. Personally, I would be all over a story featuring Aquaman, Superman, Captain America, and Indiana Jones.

Great sketches Brent, thanks for sharing!


Wings1295 said...

Awesome stuff! Thanks for sharing with all of us!

Brent said...

BTW, my nephews did all the coloring. Just wanted to make sure they got some credit! :)