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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

AquaSketch by Dan O'Connor - 2009

This wonderful sketch--more than a sketch, really--of Aquaman is by my pal and superb artist Dan O'Connor, who I went to the Kubert School with way back in 1989.

Dan only went to the first year of Kubert, so I sort of lost touch with him in the intervening decades(!), but we reconnected on Facebook. Pretty much from the first time I saw Dan's work, I was impressed how good it was, how solid and well-constructed. He was one of the guys whose work I saw which made me realize how far I still had to go.

Anyway, not to long after I started The Aquaman Shrine Facebook Page, I wanted to post something exclusive on it to celebrate the Shrine hitting 250 fans, so I asked Dan to do an original Aquaman piece for me. After a short time he sent me this piece, which I immediately loved--reminding me all over again how good Dan is as an artist. Now that we're well past 250 fans (thanks everyone!), I thought it was high time to post this piece here on the Shrine proper.

Dan and I are collaborating on another project, one that would not have gotten out of the back of my head if it wasn't for Dan's skill and enthusiasm. Hopefully sooner than later we'll get to show it off!

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Craig Michael Patrick said...

Beautiful work. Great background...