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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Aquaman (Vol.3) #2 - July 1989

Comics Weekend "Still Waters" by Keith Giffen, Curt Swan, Robert Loren Fleming, and Al Vey.

An alien ship chugs its way into Atlantis, on its normal routine. But this is not a normal day:
The prisoners' cells are ransacked by a group of Atlanteans pressed into service by the invaders, looking for evidence of treachery. They find nothing, leaving Aquaman and the rest to their plot, which involves the Sea King memorizing the location of every major building in the city.

Meanwhile, in the hospital, a doctor and nurse look after Mera, who has collapsed into a coma after her most recent hysterical outburst. Just then, an explosion goes off nearby, caused by the organized resistance of which Aquaman is a part!

The young boy Aquaman was with at the beginning of the issue is spotted nearby, and taken away as a terrorist sympathizer. Aquaman is aghast that the rest of his group won't organize a rescue, but they insist it isn't worth the risk, just to save one person.

Later, another strike is carried off, this one aimed at an alien vessel:

Turns out the ship was for transporting prisoners like themselves: the resistance has killed hundreds of their fellow Atlanteans, on their way to be exterminated.

Aquaman now sees the kind of invaders they are up against, and forms a plan, using the little knowledge he has to the alien's corporeal form. He tells his men they will sneak into a building he knows well: the royal palace!

Meanwhile, back at the hospital:
...to be continued!


Luis said...

I never would have guessed that the art was by Curt Swan (better known for Superman). Many have criticized Swan's rather laid-back style but maybe he just needed a good inker to complement him. Al Vey's inks really bring the drawings to life. Also, note how Al Vey took the time to ink EVERY SINGLE SCALE on Aquaman¡s shirt. Not many inker's would have taken the trouble to do that.

David J. Cutler said...

Looks like Swan was taking some layout cues from Watchmen here. Not my favorite stuff of his, but nice all the same.

M W Gallaher said...

Keith Giffen did the layouts for this, as can be seen in the credits box. I think it worked well to modernize Swan's look, which I thought worked well here.

Joseph Brian Scott said...

"A hard one"? What's that all about?