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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Two Tales of Atlantis by Paul Kupperberg

Legendary comics writer, my pal, and Aquaman Shrine Patron Saint Paul Kupperberg has just launched his own imprint of e-books called Buffalo Avenue Books, which will publish both his works and the work of others.

Paul's first offering is Two Tales of Atlantis, which is described thusly: "Paul Kupperberg (writer/creator of the DC Comics series Arion, Lord of Atlantis) creates a new Atlantean realm in these two stories of an immortal sorcerer and his oft-reincarnated warrior lover.

In 'Walk Upon the Waters,' the sorcerer Thalis sails on the enchanted ship Yar with only his memories of those he has lost for companionship as he heads into the final battle for the destiny of Atlantis. Then, in 'Passed Lives,' an aging peasant awakens in the middle of her ordinary life to realize she is Khana, the latest reincarnation of Thalis' warrior lover and must leave her family and home to go off to war and find her lost love...and learn which of the two hearts beating within her she must follow."

You can learn more about the book and Buffalo Avenue on its website, which shows how and where you can purchase the book.

The Aquaman Shrine wishes Paul the best of luck with his new venture, and heartily recommends any of Paul's fan head over there to check it out!

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