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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Random Panel of the Day #101



Anonymous said...

I hate how the color people got Aquaman's gloves wrong. Like this issues' cover. Aquaman's belt is silver instead if golden or yellow... wtf?

Wings1295 said...

This is the power he has, not "talking to fish". :)

Anonymous said...

this looks really cool! Anyone know where it's from??

Earth 2 Chris said...

Yeah, awesome panel, but it unfortunately adds to "The Ballad of the Yellow Glove".


rob! said...

Chris, Zoner--Jeez, I just noticed his arm is colored wrong where the glove should be--d'oh!


Anon--Its from Brightest Day #16. You can always learn what book the Random Panels are from by right-clicking the image; the book its from is part of the file name.

BTW, this is the last Random Panel for 2010. I want to give the feature a little bit of a rest, so--with one exception--the RPs won't be back until January.

BTW 2, if anyone has a particularly interesting Aqua-panel they'd like to submit as a RP, send it in!

Brent said...

Other than the glove issue (which I didn't notice when reading the book) I LOVED this panel. Very authoritative, and cool effects.

Shawn said...

If only I had this power to use at work!