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Monday, December 27, 2010

DC Chronicles Aquaman Statue - 2010

My midnight trip to All Things Fun's Xmas sale didn't just yield another super-awesome sketch by Neil Vokes, I was also handed the final part of the F.O.A.M.er Birthday Extravaganza that was put together by Russell Burbage and a host of others and executed last August 16.

Apparently the money Russell collected was such that there was dough left over to get me yet another piece of Aqua-Merch--the DC Chronicles Golden Age Aquaman statue!

This baby sat at All Things Fun until Christmas, when Dee Evans pulled it out from under the counter exclaiming "Happy Birthday!" Since Russell had sort of tipped me off something was waiting for me at ATF I wasn't surprised, but I was still touched at this display of generosity.

Normally I would take an item like this out to the lake by our house for some cool photos, but as I type this its snowing out, so forget that. This stock shot I found on teh Google will have to do:
All seriousness aside, this is a beautiful piece, expertly sculpted and a pleasure to own. And its really cool to have an actual piece of Golden Age Aquaman merchandise (although, given the GA Aquaman's penchant for punching things, the friendly pose seen here is not completely representative of his persona)!

Thanks again to Russell and everyone else for their generosity of spirit (not to mention wallet)--you helped make Christmas a little merrier for The Aquaman Shrine!


Joe Huber said...

I've been trying like crazy to win win this on the eBay to no avail. Glad o see that you have it!

Wings1295 said...

Awesome! You have good friends here Rob, cool on them for giving this to you.

Russell said...

It wasn't just me, Rob! But to quote Anheiser-Busch, "For all you do, this bud's for you!"

My daughter got me the Aquaman and Mera statues, so that's awesome! And my brother-in-law got me a Super Friends DVD, Aquaman t-shirt, and DC Heroes & Villains Fandex. So that was awesome, too!

Merry Christmas, Rob, and here's to another great year of Aqua-Stuff!

I don't think I like his yellow gloves, though. :-)

Joe Slab said...

Beautiful piece rob!

I love that Aquaman is one of the big 4 of DC's Golden Age to get this treatment.

Nice attention to the detail or the original constume depictions on Aquaman, Batman, Superman, and WW.

Anonymous said...

GOD, I hate the Aquaman with yellow gloves and black underpants. SOOOO ghey, yet it's the version always represented everywhere. UGH.

David J. Cutler said...

I see very little yellow glove Aquaman merch, Zoner. Most of it is the green gloves version. I like that there's a variety of representations of his various uniforms.

My Aqua-Christmas item was the 67 animated series on DVD--finally!

Jed Raven said...

How come nobody else has mentioned that he looks EXACTLY like David Bowie?