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Monday, December 20, 2010

Aquaman On The Web: PAD on BBT

Peter David's response to last week's episode of The Big Bang Theory!

(h/t: F.O.A.M.er Joe Slab)


Joe Slab said...

Everyone seems to love or hate Peter David's run on Aquaman, but no matter where you fall on the issue, the man is a class act for standing up and being vocal in defense of the character he once wrote for so long.

David J. Cutler said...

Agree 100% Joe. Really annoyed with last week's episode--can't say disappointed or surprised, since I knew what was coming a mile away. When it comes to the nerd humour, Big Bang Theory always goes for the easy jokes.

Joe Slab said...

Thanks DJC!

To paraphrase Peter,

"Drop Aquaman in the middle of Gotham City and he'll be fine. Drop Batman in the middle of the ocean and you're not going to hear from him again."

Love it!

Michael Holloway said...

I've never even bothered to watch Big Bang Theory, but anything that is negative to my awesome buddy Aquaman is boycotted by me.

Aquaman rules, and I just bought and read the third 500 page "Showcase Presents: Aquaman" book in that series (I loved the first two books as well), and I look forward to a live action and animated movie or series someday.

Anonymous said...

100% agreed with everyone here. The BBT is one of those shows that don't really "help the cause" I mean, I've never met nerds or geeks as all-out as those dudes, but then again that's why its a comedy. It HAS to be exagerated.

I love Aquaman, black undies or harpoon hand or whatever.

And Peter David was one of the very few writers that have stood up for Aquaman, and he's an incredible talent. That's all that counts.

Brent said...

I tried to watch BBT once, but it was way to pedestrian. Like someone else posted, always went for the easy joke.

Anyhoo, I was loving PAD's letter, and thought the whole Aquaman cuts off use of the ocean to the whole world thing would make a GREAT story line for a comic. That'll teach 'em to mess with him! :)

Shellhead said...

This is why PAD continues to be my favorite Aquaman writer and why his run is still my favorite. And cut BBT some slack. People have worn Aquaman gear on that show multiple times (as attested to on this very site), and the joke was merely to set up that ridiculous costume he ended up wearing. If you didn't get a laugh out of that get up then you have no sense of humor.