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Friday, December 17, 2010

Aquaman On The Web: More Geoff Johns

A couple of F.O.A.M.ers sent me a link to yet another CBR interview with Geoff Johns, where of course Aquaman is discussed. Here's some of the most pertinent parts for Aqua-Fans:

Another character that's enjoyed a great amount fanfare with the release of "Brightest Day" is Aquaman. It's been nice to give him a chance to shine, because he's had some lean years of late.

It's great when people say, "I want more Aquaman." When's the last time you heard them say that?

I think Aquaman is one of DC's A-List characters, but he's got to be treated like that. He's got to be showcased like that and he's got to kick ass like Green Lantern or Batman or the entire Justice League.

And I know you love writing Mera, too.

Mera is one of the strongest female superheroes in comics, in my opinion. She's regal, powerful, smart, confident and stands on her own. She doesn't need to stand next to Aquaman to be her own character. There are plans for her post-"Brightest Day."

Sticking with the Aqua Family, you have to be pleased with Jackson Hyde, too, the new Aqualad? I loved seeing him in "Young Justice," as well.

If we were going to introduce a new Aqualad, we had to decide that we were all going to do it. It's very hard to launch a new character, so this was our first try using DC in various ways, between the comics, animated series, licensing, everything. Let's showcase him. And he has a great role in "Brightest Day" #16. There's a big revelation about who Aqualad is and where he comes from.

Sage wanted to know about Aquawar. Can you give us any teases of what we'll see and where we'll see it?

It happens in "Brightest Day" #19 and 20. And it's a culmination of what Aquaman is about to go through that results in a pretty stunning revelation for what he'll be doing next and it leads him into the finale of "Brightest Day."

I recently spoke with Alan Ritchson, who plays Aquaman on "Smallville," and he was pretty confident we were going to see an Aquaman movie in the near future. Any news on that front?

I hope we do one day, for sure. But I can't say anything more about that right now. Let the rumors keep flying!


Joe Slab said...

My thoughts:

Johns is going to elevate Aquaman role in the DCU in a big way-- possibly as the leader of a new JLA or making him the White Lantern (at least temporarily) as was foreshadowed in Brightest Day #1...

The way he talks about Mera makes it sound like he's got plans for her in a solo, non-dependent upon Aquaman kind of way...

In any case, I can't wait to find out.

Joe Slab

David J. Cutler said...

Part of me wants to believe they've been gearing up for some pro-Aquaman talking points and product, but then there's last night's Big Bang Theory (a Warner show) episode. The more things change...

Anonymous said...

BD #16 was way too awesome. The return of the Aquacave, Aqualad reclaiming his birthright, the art... everything was everything an Aquaman fan could want to see.

I think that Johns possibly has plans for Aquaman leading the Justice League too... but remember, Aquaman was in the JL International, so what if he becomes the leader of the Generation Lost team after BD?

I'd love to see Aquaman in his own ongoing, though.

I think that Geoff Johns is the only writer who's had enough vision to see Mera and Aquaman as the great characters they are and could be. I hope Mr Johns keeps pushing both of them forward and that other writers join the bandwagon.

Brandan E said...

I like the idea of this "Aquawar" happening within Brightest Day instead of saving it for whatever Aquaman series that spins out of it. The whole "Land vs Sea" shtick just doesn't interest me. There's so much more to Aquaman than fighting people on land or what I assume will eventually be his friends/JLA.

Johns seems to love his wars(Sinestro Corps War, War of the Green Lanterns...) so hopefully this won't feel like a just another battle where temporarily friends turn into enemies, and a character gets some form of a new costume for a moment...Anyway, crossing my fingers that Geoff has some good plans for the future.