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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Aquaman: Death of the Prince Pre-Order

sgF.O.A.M.er Jerry Resendes sent me further info regarding the upcoming Aquaman: Death of the Prince TPB scheduled for release Summer 2011.

As we surmised in a previous post, this book will in fact reprint Aquaman's mid-1970s adventures: Adventure Comics #s 435-437, 441-455, and Aquaman #s 57-63, featuring work by Steve Skeates, Paul Levitz, Paul Kupperberg, Jim Aparo, Mike Grell, Don Newton, and more.

What's a little surprising is the inclusion of the Aqualad solo back-ups that ran in Adventure Comics #s 453-455, written by our pal Kupperberg. That's a nice bonus and will fit quite well in between Aquaman's Adventure run and the revival of his solo book.

Many times people have written me asking for recommendations of Aquaman TPBs, and I've regretfully had to say that many of my favorite Aquaman comics have still not been collected, and can only be purchased on eBay or by rummaging through dusty comic book bins. So I'm especially thrilled that at least one chunk of my all-time favorite Aquaman stories will now be in trade form!

Thanks for the info Jerry!

By the way: If you'd like to pre-order this book--and throw the Shrine a couple of cents in the process--you can do so right here:

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Tempest127 said...

Oh, that's lovely news about the Aqualad mini-series. It would be nice not to have to pull those issues out of plastic any time I want to use them for reference (or just reread them for fun). So many writers have misrepresented what transpired in those issues that it will be good for them to have a ready reference, (most especially for Adventure 452).