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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

"New Americans" - 8/10/79

...what the hell?

This completely baffling mention of Aquaman comes courtesy F.O.A.M.er Brian Heiler, who is an expert at finding bizarro (small b, not big b) stuff like this.

I have to say, its great that Aquaman drinking glasses, of all things, are used as an example of someone becoming "Americanized." Take that, Captain America!

Thanks Brian, and keep stuff like this comin'!


Wings1295 said...

How did they come to have a SET of Aquaman glasses? Maybe the writer just noted what his/her glass had on it and assumed. Or maybe they really were such big Aqua-fans, they compiled a set of their own! Cool. :)

Rick L. Phillips said...

I like Aquaman too but no need to dis the Captain. :) lol

r duncan said...

Appropriate for Election Day, I suppose.

Russell said...

Those of us old enough to remember will know this: each Pepsi glass was available for a week, so if a group of you and your friends went in and got a special drink, you all got the same character. So obviously this family or their friends had gone to Pizza Hut the week they had Aquaman, and got a set of Aquaman glasses. :-)

The idea of that is mind-boggling. I would LOVE a set of those, haha!

IADW said...

Ha that is priceless!

Coke in an Aquaman glass is a pretty warm welcome in any language.

We had Aquaman glasses here too, as part of Nutella's Superheroes range. Shame in Nutella's case they ran with hook handed Aquaman though.