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Friday, November 12, 2010

Marvel Two-In-One #65: The Thing and Aquaman

No, this isn't some amazing "lost" Marvel/DC team-up book, its a custom cover from the superbly inventive (and highly skilled) Brave and the Bold: The Lost Issues blog, which has since moved onto Thing-centric mash-ups.

Despite this cover being the combined artistic styles of Nick Cardy (Aquaman) and George Perez (the rest), it holds together remarkably well!

(h/t: F.O.A.M.er Michael May)


Wings1295 said...

The only quibble I have is the "Aquaman" logo. They should have used an older one to fit the feel of the rest of the cover.

Wings1295 said...

Other than that, I think it's awesome!

John the Aquaman Chronicler said...

If you liked this, wait for Aquaman Chronicles #21 which will have a Ron Wilson commission of Marvel Two in One #101 featuring Aquaman and the Thing!