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Friday, November 12, 2010

Late Show "Top Ten" - 11/10/10

Aquaman was mentioned during the "Top Ten" segment on the 11/10/10 installment of Late Show with David Letterman. Sure, its a knock, but I'm always tickled when the Sea King is mentioned in such a noticeable, large-scale way. Nobody makes Namor jokes like this.

Thanks to F.O.A.M.er Joshua Rainey for the tip!


Wings1295 said...

Almost nobody in the non-comics world would know who the heck Namor is!

Brent said...

I don't think it's a knock. Or at least I've certainly heard worse!

Randy said...

That was hardly a knock on Aquaman. Instead, it seemed to revere in the awesome-ness that is Arthur Curry!

Tegan said...

Aquaman was mentioned on the Daily Show last night.

rob! said...

How is it not a knock? The topic is things you DON'T want to hear, and one of them is "Aquaman is our only hope." Ipso facto, Aquaman is Lame.

Its a tired joke, but I'm still grateful for it! :)

Bubbashelby said...

You know what's also a tired joke? The Late Show Top Ten!

ZING right back!


Aaron said...

Yeah, these kinds of references at least show Aquaman's a household name. You could hardly say "Vibe is our only hope" and not expect crickets. Not to knock Vibe.

Anyway, the Joker killed Letterman in DKR. Sorta.

Tegan said...

I updated my blog with the Daily Show clip, and the solicits for Brightest Day #19 & 20 are up on DC Source with a tease about "Aquawar".