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Friday, November 12, 2010

The Daily Planet - 11/14/77

I bet the Teen Titans have been waiting for this moment for a looong time!

I remember buying this issue of Teen Titans--#53--off the stands at the time, driven entirely by the story promised by the cover--not just Aquaman guest-starring in this one, but a whole bunch of other JLAers!

I was not a regular reader of the book at the time, and I don't recall whether it impressed me enough to think about getting the next issue. Of course, there was no next issue, Teen Titans becoming the victim of the infamous DC Implosion. #54 was promised on the last page, but never saw the light of day.

If you look at the "Direct Currents" column, you can see Aquaman #60 and Super Friends #10 were also on sale that week. A good week for Aquaman!

These Daily Planets I post are consistently the least popular feature on the Shrine, I guess because there's not all that much to them. But they were one of my favorite little bonus features DC gave you back in the day, so I'm going to keep running them when an appropriate date comes around!


Richard said...

I actually was a regular reader of that incarnation of the TT, and that was almost certainly the strongest issue of that run. What I'm saying is, you didn't miss much.

I can see how these pages would have the least to offer current readers -- I mean, coming attractions for long gone comics from what may have been one of the most listless and enervated periods in DC history? It doesn't exactly spell thrills and excitement. But I still have nostalgic memories of that era and I always recognize these installments with a smile.

Also, note the mention of the first printing of the only-just-now-reprinted Superman vs. Muhammad Ali tabloid!

Bribaby said...

That era wasn't ALL bad ... that issue of LSH advertised below the Teen Titans was a really good one, with fantastic art by James Sherman and others. And this was during the time that Steve Englehart was writing for JLA, a really well-done run. I loved the giant, 60 cent issues of the Legion and the JLA. And Aquaman was getting plenty of exposure, too, so there's that.

JasonMotesBowles said...

I also have fond memories of the Daily Planet pages. I guess maybe I just don't have anything to comment about with them. Unfortunately, I think I was too young to read them new. I only remembered them from reading back issues. I don't think I started reading comics regularly until the early 80s, maybe 80-81 or so. Earlier than that, I would have been too young to READ at all, so any comics I did have, I probably wouldn't have been too into an almost all-text page.

Stephen said...

I grew up reading DC Comics as a kid in the 70s so I remember fondly the "Direct Currents" pages and still pause to read them when I'm reading an old DC Comic from that time. It's not just a jolt of nostalgia, it's also an interesting time capsule to see what DC was publishing at the time and the status quo of the various characters.

The Irredeemable Shag said...

I love these Daily Planet pages! Keep them coming! Whenever I read an old comic and come across one of these pages I pour over them!

I love old propaganda. Not surprisingly, I also enjoy old movie trailers and WWII propaganda posters. It's my marketing background. It made me weird. ... okay, weird-er.

The Irredeemable Shag