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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Batman: Odyssey #5 - Jan. 2011

Comics Weekend "Batman: Odyssey Part 5" by Neal Adams.

There was another new issue of Neal Adams' Batman: Odyssey mini-series this week, and since #4 ended with Aquaman showing up it behooved the Shrine to follow up with #5!

Last issue ended with the hybrid Ubu-Bat creature guy getting hit in the chest by the stinger from a giant manta ray, on command from Aquaman (the Aquaman on this alternate earth, at least). Batman then jumps into the ocean:
And with the entrance of Talia's ginormous boobs into this issue, Aquaman departs, not to be seen again (not that the two are connected). Will he return? Hard to say, but since this is a 13-issue(!) series, I'd say there's a decent chance the Sea King will, er, surface again.


Richard said...

It's weird that there's such a sharp change in tone from the previous issue to these pages, as if the guy who wrote them hadn't read the one before, or forgot what he wrote then. And a good thing too! Now this is more like Aquaman, and his interaction with Batman makes more sense. That banter between them is actually entertaining. And so is "greetings from the greater two-thirds" with Gordon -- not being an idiot -- understanding what he means. Where was this stuff last time?

The gimmick of one character saying something stupid, then hanging a lantern on it by another character observing how stupid it is has never been as clever as some writers seem to think. That said, there's a scene this issue with Deadman acting as a Greek chorus mocking Batman, and it kind of works. All this plus a scene with Batman and the Joker (not really) has me once again feeling like Adams still has good ideas, and has been hung out to dry by the absence of a good editor and scripter.

Bribaby said...

Ha ha, you crack me up, rob!

Awesomely rendered whale. That was my favorite part.

David J. Cutler said...

While I admit Aquaman's more in character here (where do his shoulder fins go?) I do not care for this at all. Never seen such rampant abuse of panel-boarder breaking. This is going to read really bizarrely in a collected edition.

Orly De Gaulle said...

Please let this be the end of the pill taking scene.