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Monday, November 08, 2010

Aquasub For Sale!

This Aquaman/Justice League playset is one of the Holy Grails of Aquaman collecting. Produced by Multiple Toys in 1966 along with sets for Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, this set is nigh-impossible to find, in any condition, let alone intact and with the box.

Last week, I got an email from someone who has all four sets(!) and wondered if I, as curator of The Aquaman Shrine, would be interested in buying the set from them. While I was grateful for the gesture, I was 99 44/100ths% sure that there was no way I could afford--or even get very close--to what this set would go for. When sets like have surfaced on eBay, they've sold for three, four, five thousand clams!

But since it never hurts to ask (most of the time), I requested photos of the set and what they were looking to get for it. Just as I feared, they were looking to get 5K for it, and there went my dreams of ever owning this baby.

But they were kind of enough to send the above pic of the set plus a few more, so let's all enjoy these shots of this uber-rare Aqua-Item--for most of us, myself included, its the closest we'll ever come:


Wings1295 said...

WOW. $5K ??? Zoinks!

I will, then, never own one, either. So, thanks for the pics! It is freakin' awesome.

John said...

I second everything Wings says. Especially "Zoinks!". That's a lot of clams.... But thanks again for the photos.

Russell said...

What if we all pooled our resources and bought it for All of us to enjoy...? Yeah, I think I read an Edgar Allen Poe story about that or something. Never mind.

Unknown said...

Have we ever learned who the mysterious Mong is?

bgame sask said...

i hate say this but i had all four boxes as a kid not once but twice as they were sold again the following year i loved these toys but they are long gone who knew they would be worth so much