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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Aquaman (Vol.6) #14 - Nov. 1995

"Lamentations" by Peter David, Martin Egeland, and Howard M. Shum.

Last issue ended with a group of malevolent beings known as The Others deciding that it was Thanatos who deserved to be transported from purgatory, leavng Aquaman, Mera, Dolphin, and this dimension's Arthur Jr. stuck. Thanatos is, of course, delighted:
Aquaman now finds himself with Mera and Dolphin, who introduce him to...his son?

As if that's not enough to deal with, via a small portal, they can see Thanatos as he makes his way around their home, on his way to Atlantis.

After another interlude with Vulko and Koryak, we rejoin Aquaman who has had just about enough of being stuck in this dimension. He sees what looks like an exit, and jumps headfirst into it, only to be bounced back by a group of The Others:

Meanwhile, back in "our" world, a mysterious being makes his way to the ocean, where he talks about having a mission to "dispose of" Aquaman. Hmm....

Under the sea, Thanatos is enraged at the state of Atlantis--he deems it not enough of a kingdom for him to rule. He decides to enlist others in his war against the Surface World--that's a kingdom worthy of his attention!

Back in "purgatory", Aquaman dismisses the young boy as his son (much to Mera's annoyance), while the mysterious stranger sets his plan in motion: using some sort of talisman, he causes a plane to crash into the ocean, which in turn causes a sea quake, leading to a hunk of rock collapsing onto Thanatos, trapping him!

As Thanatos struggles to survive, our mysterious stranger seems happy how his mission has come off
To be continued!

Be here next Saturday for Aquaman #'s 15 and 16, where, among other things, Aquaman will run afoul of his old friends, the Justice League!

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Joe Slab said...

I've been inspired to pull these issues and read them again this week, thanks rob!

Although the "Conan" version of Aquaman eventually outgrew my tastes what was great about this series is how PAD tied Aquaman into the DCU as a major force to be reckoned with. All of the DCU events of the 90's(Underworld, Final Night, Zero Hour) had Aquaman issues under their banner, as well as frequent guests start like the JLA, Animal Man, Lobo, Superman, GL etc.