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Friday, November 05, 2010

Aquaman: Time & Tide TPB Ad - 1996

Of all DC's top-tier characters (hey, you in the back sniggering--pipe down!), Aquaman has the least amount of trade paperbacks in his name.

I've gotten numerous emails from people asking for advice as to what storylines should a new Aquaman fan read to really get a grip on the character, and its a little frustrating having to say that a lot of those stories are--still--only to found in musty back issue boxes. Not exactly conducive to turning the casual fan to a die hard Aquaman follower.

But Peter David's Aquaman: Time & Tide mini is a glorious exception, as this ad indicates. Sporting a beautifully composed piece by series artists Kirk Jarvinen and Brad Vancata, it really makes for one of DC's better ads of the time, which tended to be crowded within an inch of their lives. The white background really helps balance it, and make a visually striking ad. Ira Schnapp would be proud!

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Russell said...

I agree this ad is stunning visually, but the font is hard to read IMO.