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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Batman: Brave and the Bold #22 - Dec. 2010

Comics Weekend "Atlantis Attacked!" by J.Torres and Andy Suriano.

After too long a time gone, Aquaman returns as guest-star in this week's issue of Brave and the Bold!

After Cave Carson accidentally drills his way into the BatCave, Batman makes his way to Atlantis, which is under attack (again) by Ocean Master:
What's different this time is the back-up Orm has with him: Aquaman's very own Atlantean army!

Aquaman is shocked and perplexed as to why his own men are attacking him, and he refuses to fight them for fear of hurting them--something Ocean Master was counting on.

Luckily for everyone, Batman has just arrived in time to throw some sort of black ink bomb, draping everyone in darkness long enough for he and Aquaman to retreat.

In a nearby cave, Aquaman is hurt and despondent over his subject's treachery:
Via some giant manta rays, Aquaman and Batman sneak their way into Atlantis. But before they reach their destination, the fish take off, leaving our two heroes exposed. Aquama tries to telepathically command them back, but they refuse, lured by the shimmering light of a giant Angler Eel.

The eel's glowing tentacle nearly puts Aquaman in a trance, but Batman snaps him out of it with a left hook. Aquaman comes to, and both of them realize how Ocean Master is controlling the people of Atlantis!

But before they can do anything with that information, a group of Atlantean soliders get the drop on them, and even as they pile on Batman, Aquaman cannot bring himself to lend a hand on his men.

Meanwhile, inside the city, Ocean Master holds court:
One of Aquaman's men is about to sneak up on him, when his dolphin pal Fluke gets in way--only for Fluke to fall prey to the Angler Eel's hypnotic light, as well.

Then Batman gets the idea about some friends of Aquaman's who don't have eyes, at least in the traditional sense--jellyfish! With that, Aquaman is off and running, making a beeline for Atlantis:
As Aquaman heads for his throne room and the jellyfish keeping the Angler Eel busy, Batman takes it upon himself to...delay the still-mind-controlled Atlantean soldiers.

Aquaman confronts his brother, and Orm zaps him with the powerful ancient Atlantean crystal that he's been using all this time. Pinning Aquaman to a glass wall, Orm demands Aquaman kneel before him. Aquaman's reply? "Never!"

Via a hole in the glass, Batman flies in, punching Orm so he drops the crystal. This immediately awakens everyone, including Mera, whose only concern is her husband.

Later, Batman prepares to leave:
The end!

A fun story, as is usually the case for this book. Great to see Aquaman again of course, and I liked the character beat of him being unable to fight his own men, no matter how of control they are towards him. Sure, its a weakness in terms of being a superhero, but its a distinct trait that really doesn't apply to many others (if any) in the DCU.



David J. Cutler said...

So glad I get to be the first to point this out: I don't think you're ready for this jelly. That joke might be a decade late, but it's still hilarious.

Josh Hill said...

yeah, that is absolutely hysterical! I really need to make sure I go back and pick this up, I didn't make it to the comic book store this week (we have a newborn here at home).

Wings1295 said...

Looks like lots of fun!

Aaron said...

I love Mera's 'do! Very Peg Bundy!

Joe Slab said...

Aquaman is also featured on the ads for the All-New (why ?) Batman Brave and the Bold kids comic coming out soon.

rob! said...

David & Josh--At the risk of sounding like a real Melvin, I don't get the jelly joke. Pls. explain!

Aaron--with Ted McGinley as Ocean Master!

Joe--I agree with the "why?" Why the hell are they starting the book over again???

KJ Sampson said...

The jelly joke is a line from pop song "Bootylicious" if I recall correctly.

I haven't seen the show or read the comic until now. Great fun!