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Saturday, October 16, 2010

AquaSketches by Josh Ellingson

Even though I already ran these two superb sketches I got from artist Josh Ellingson during the Shrine's 2010 NYCC Con Report, I always like to give each and every sketch in my book their own post, since I'm so happy showing them off--especially when its two pieces like this!

Josh's work is truly superb; colorful and vibrant, and someday I'd really love to hire him to do a full-color Aquaman piece for the Shrine: the Sea King, Mera, their finny friends, the whole nine yards. I'm sure it'd be gangbusters...

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Airship Over Water said...

They both look amazing. I really love the style. Mera is a little thicker (than she normally is), but that's not a bad thing.

It's so good to see these characters returning to the spotlight. I know that they were just requested sketches, but you can really feel it in the air (and the water) -- Aquaman is back. :)