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Friday, October 01, 2010

Aquaman The Dissertation - 2010

This is a page from an honest-to-Neptune doctoral dissertation, done this year for the University of Washington by a guy named Mark Chen.

Mark wrote to me a month or so ago, asking if he could use my Aquaman BP cover "
as an example of remixes and mash-ups as a form of cultural production, giving new meaning to existing images." I said sure, and just a few days ago Mark sent me the entire paper (over 300 pages!), and there it was on page seven. How fun, thanks Mark!

With this baby is in his paper, how could he have gotten anything less than an A?


mark said...

I loved including web and new media references in my stuffy academic paper. Not to mention, putting a jab at BP in my dissertation that'll live in my school's library for all eternity. :) thanks Rob!

Anyone interested in reading the whole diss (about learning in World of Warcraft), can see it on my blog at http://markdangerchen.net

El Ka-Bong! said...

Wow, your dissertation sounds a lot more interesting than what I have going. World of Warcraft and Aquaman....I am starting to rethink my paper. I have 180 pages of super science nerdy ness right now. I'm actually kind of jealous...If only I could work Aquaman in somehow.

images2icons said...

Heya Rob!
I made you the focal point of my report and Power Point presentation, for class you know! Maybe there is something vastly educational where you and the shrine are concerned?

Just too cool!

Semper Aqua~!