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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Adventure Comics #252 - Sept. 1958

Comics Weekend "The Robinson Crusoe of the Sea" by Jack Miller and Ramona Fradon.

Amid all the more recent Aquaman comics sitting on my shelf, waiting for me to get to them, I've had this one vintage issue of Adventure that I've been meaning to talk about. Let's see how Aquaman comes to be called "The Robinson Crusoe of the Sea":
Aquaman has some of his finny friends--in this case a whale and some sawfish--plow the channel in the middle of the island, creating a whole network of waterways. Aquaman even goes so far as to create "street signs" indicating which channel is which.

His pal Topo helps him build a small wooden shelter, and then they go look for food. There are abundant fruit and nut trees, but they are guarded by a pack of fierce bobcats!

Using some turtle pals, Aquaman creates a small platoon, using giant shells as protection. When the bobcats attack, Aquaman uses the shells to deflect their attacks, allowing them to grab some food.

Later, Aquaman sees "the notorious pirate, Captain Troy", attacking a ship. Aquaman wants to help, but is afraid that being exposed to the salt water could kill him. Topo tries to tip his friend off, but:
...the end!

A very slight tale, but totally charming, and at a mere six pages its over before you know it. Drawn by the incomparable Ramona Fradon, who throws in lots of cute little details, like when Aquaman is contemplating his new situation:
If/when Aquaman gets his own feature again, I'd love to see Topo the octopus come back, too!


Unknown said...

Aquaman has bare hands when Topo squirts him for the last time. Seconds (presumably) later his hands are gloved when he thanks Topo. Interesting.

Russell said...

Cute story, Rob, with awesome Ramona Fradon art. I noticed that panel with Topo's Thinker pose during the summary and was going to make a comment about it.

HOWEVER...could you please tell us WHY Superboy was stuck in the same spot for one week, as shown on the cover? (And how did they explain Clark going missing for that long?)

Siskoid said...

I'm a big Topo fan too. I'd love for him to come back, and not as a zombie either!

rob! said...

Barry--wow, I didn't even notice that. Good eye!

Russell--sorry, I didn't even read that main story. I find Superboy stories, often as not, almost impossible to get through. :)

Siskoid--I always liked Topo as a sort of sidekick. He's cool looking and whines less than Aqualad!