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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Toyfare #159

Another issue of Toyfare, another appearance by Aquaman! This is from the newest issue (#159, out last week), which features an advance peek of the DCU/Masters of the Universe two-packs due out the end of the year.

Pairing up Aquaman and Mer-Man makes total sense, and even though this won't be featuring anything new, action figure-wise, another Aquaman on toy shelves is always a welcome thing.


IADW said...

That is pretty cool and a decent choice for the Aquaman figure too. Gotta love that trident!

aquaman said...

I have to say that I just don't get the Trident! When has Aquaman ever used that? It seems to have become the prop of choice over the years for any Aquaman figure. He rarely is seen with one, and same for Mera. I know it may be going to far, but if was actually swimming he would never be able to hold one while doing that, and fighting would be almost impossible. Also, the toy companies tend to use the same mold for the trident over and over, not creating a new sculpt for each one. To me, it's as silly as having Aquaman in a water scooter (Superfriends) or the really silly sub( DC Superfriends). IMHO!

matthew jones said...

Nice to see DC characters sort of meeting up with the Masters of the Universe. Mer-Man would make a great villain for Aquaman.