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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Read This Too, Too!

As I said in the earlier "Read This Too!" post, it was Kelson's original idea for this crossover that we all talk about a current series, something a reader could presumably go out and pick up for themselves.

At the beginning, I had a hard time coming up with even one current series that I could get really, really excited about that the Shrine already didn't talk about on occasion--Brave and the Bold, DC Super Friends, etc. And that's when I settled on Son of Tomahawk.

But not too long after that, I discovered a series that I fell in love with just a few pages into the first issue: Thor, The Mighty Avenger!
Written by Roger Langridge and drawn by Chris Samnee, TTMA is some sort of alternate universe Thor: Year One type story, where we see the Norse God meeting Jane Foster for the first time.

I'm not exactly sure how this story fits in the established Marvel Universe, and I don't care: this is such a delightfully fun, well-crafted adventure that I got totally swept up in it, and am quickly catching up on all the issues that are out. It features characters we're all familiar with: Thor, Jane, Loki, Mr. Hyde, Ant-Man and the Wasp, etc., but told in a less bombastic, more humanistic style, brought to life with a light touch by artist Samnee.

This series is rated "A", which means its for all audiences, and it really does fulfill that promise: the interplay between the characters is entertaining for adults, but there's nothing here that you couldn't show to a small kid who simply wants to read a good comic book--something I think is hard to find nowadays.

I'd love to try and tie this post into Aquaman somehow, but I guess that's not really necessary (though I'd love to see Samnee try his had on the Sea King!). Suffice it to say The Aquaman Shrine heartily recommends Thor: The Mighty Avenger!


Siskoid said...

Being better than both the regular Thor title and the Ultimate version of the character, I wish it WERE in continuity.

Aaron said...

Wow, looks good! Last Marvel thing I bought was Strange Tales, the funny one, but this looks well worth it. I think what I gotta do is just take more time scouring the rack at the comic shop, do it old school and find these things.

Russell said...

I took your recommendation and picked this up today. I hope it's half as good as you make it sound, but I admit it does look cool. :-)

Bubbashelby said...

I <3 Chris Samnee's art!