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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Random Panel of The Day #29



rob! said...

Aquaman Vol. 4 #9!

Wooly Rupert said...

Hmmm, can Aquaman talk to seabirds too? I imagine that one is saying, "Yeah, bang up job SEA KING, I'll just go do that myself."

kryptonkylie said...

I have said that comment to many a friend after a hard night of drinking and partying.


rob! said...

Wooly-I think Aquaman can talk to all mammals at this point, if he can talk to sea birds, whales, etc.

Shawn--I wasn't near my computer when this comment showed up in my inbox, so I didn't quite remember what Aquaman was saying. Now that I've rechecked it, I laughed heartily. You are quite the gentleman!