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Friday, September 03, 2010

DC Comics Style Guide - 1999

F.O.A.M. member Ramiro sent me these pages from the 1999 DC Comics Style Guide, which at the time meant the hook-for-a-hand Aquaman--here expertly rendered by Tom Grummett, whose classic style is perfect for stock art.

Seeing how much time and money goes into these style guides, I can kinda see why companies are reticent to change their characters' looks too much; it can't be cheap putting all this stuff together, only to have someone come along and say, "Hey, can I completely change what Hawkman looks like?"

Thanks Ramiro!


Anonymous said...

Ahh, there he is, The Aquaman I grew up with. Thanks to Harpoon-hand Aquaman I started loving the character and after I read some classic Aquaman i became a total fan.

Real cool pice you got there. That Hawkman design was a lot cooler than the present one, too!

Wings1295 said...

Cool post. I am glad we are back to the original look mostly for Aquaman, myself.

Joe Slab said...

So cool , what I wouldn't give to get my hands on the whole book!

Rob- Any chance you can make these images enlargeable?

IADW said...

That's a cool insight!

The group shot was used allot over here on McDonald's cups, as part of a DC themed month. They are great for holding my art supplies in, but until now I hadn't realized who drew them!