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Friday, September 17, 2010

Cosplay @ DragonCon 2010

Here are two amazing examples of cosplay on display the recent 2010 DragonCon--Zombie Aquaman and Red Lantern Mera!

While I'm still a bit queasy on the whole Undead Aquaman and Red Vomit Mera thing, the costumes here are simply fantastic. And, I have to say...enjoying the cleavage.

Anyway, these two photos were part of a Flickr stream by someone named Chase Wirth, who took a gajillion photos at the show. F.O.A.M.er Barry Fackler found them and sent them to me, thanks Barry!

Speaking of a gajillion Flickr photos, F.O.A.M.er Shag Matthews was also there, and he sent a bunch of us character-specific bloggers packs of photos featuring our favorite characters in cosplay form. As you can see, Aquaman was well represented:
I'm not sure what version of Aquaman this is supposed to be, but I like it!

I have to admit, when I was a little younger and going to comic-cons, I kinda inwardly sneered at the cosplay crowd, because they were so obviously nerds and geeks, as if I--who was busy digging through longboxes looking for back issues of
Brave and the Bold--was not.

But over time I've really come to appreciate the creativity, passion, and sheer guts it takes to hand-make a costume, put it on, and head onto the streets, even if it is to hang with other people just like yourself (I'm sure the fact that some of these people are cute girls doesn't hurt, either). Since the cosplay people haven't changed, all that probably means is that I have finally grown completely comfortable with my own interests, and I have no need to find some other group to laugh at for their geekiness.

Before this post turns into an After School Special, let me just say I'm thrilled to see all the Aqua-People at the show--anyone who goes to a con dressed in the familiar orange and green are honorary F.O.A.M. members, to be sure.

Thanks Shag!

One last thing: just a few days ago, F.O.A.M.er King Megatrip sent me this photo, taken at the Boston Comic Con that took place in April:
...man, we're seeing a lot of Meras in a very short period of time. At the risk of reading too much into a handful of pictures, but it feels like female comic fans were dying for another tough, confident superheroine to shine, and Mera was (metaphorically) dusted off by Geoff Johns at exactly the right moment. DC needs to get Aquaman and Mera in their own series again, post haste.

Thanks KM!


Dennis Doucette said...

I need to know how the zombie Aquaman made that shirt. Thats the best aquaman scales and color scheme ive ever seen. Thats what I want! I need it. Find out for me!!!!

Diabolu Frank said...

I haven't seen a bad Mera yet, and most look really good. Like, really.

Still, my favorite of this lot was that badass Tempest. I can't recall anyone ever doing Tempest before, and if they have, they clearly didn't impress me as much.

I prefer this Black Lantern Aquaman in general, but agree the scales on the costume pictured here are outtasight!

JasonMotesBowles said...

Um, re: last pic... maybe try undies. Just sayin'.

Josh Hill said...

Rob, I can relate to your comment about the cosplayers. I have grown to really appreciate the passion these people have. I have people in my life who have not grown up enough to realize their geeky habits are not much different from those who dress up in costumes, but I like to think I personally have matured a bit :)

Also agree with your comments re: Mera and her popularity. I think DC needs (and does seem) to consider just how much of a star Mera has become in her own right in the wake of BLACKEST NIGHT. She could easily stand alongside Wonder Woman, Black Canary, the Huntress, etc.. as one of the top female super-heroes.

Wings1295 said...

Great seeing the Aquaman family of characters, dead and undead, represented. Some are ... interesting. That last Mera is a kick-ass Halloween costume, eh?

John said...

I like the Tempest, too. And the Mera cosplayer (?) looks like the same woman in both photos. Where is DragonCon held?

Joe Huber said...

I'm not @ home so I'm unable to check, but isn't that female version of Aquaman(woman) from the Countdown Search for Ray Palmer series? There was one issue where the gang went to a planet where the gender roles of the heroes were reversed and Aquawoman was in it.

Earth 2 Chris said...

Great stuff. I'm in the same boat on cosplayers. It seems to have really become just a fun thing to do. Obviously a lot of the folks who do this now LOOK the part. It's come a long way from when most were overweight guys who pulled themselves out of their parents basements once a year to dress up!!!

I also appreciate your honesty about Mera too, Rob. I can't say I didn't enjoy it myself!


Aaron said...

Heh, I am also one who goes to cons incognito digging for the cheap back issues, but I do enjoy the costumes now, some amazing stuff. We got the Central Canada Comic Con coming up soon, end of October, a little smaller, but I will definitely be there with my camera! There were some great costumes last year.

Saranga said...

"it feels like female comic fans were dying for another tough, confident superheroine to shine, "

hells yeah! Give our ladies some respect DC!

I adored Mera in Blackest Night.

Anonymous said...

I like the red lanter mera costume. A lot of effort put into it. Thing I love about these pics is that it makes me feel good to know I'm not even close to the full definition of what the word Geek means.

I think I'm Geek-light compared to this bunch! :)

rob! said...

Dennis--Talk to Shag, I believe he took the photos.

Jason--Jeez, now that you've pointed that out, I can't UNsee it. Thanks.

Josh--Yep. Mera is poised to join the big leagues (small l, not big L, although that would be awesome having them both back in the JLA!)

Aaron--Cool, thanks!

Saranga--DC, put a ring on it! Or something like that.

Diabolu Frank said...

Dragon*Con was in Atlanta, GA (if I recall correctly.)

The Irredeemable Shag said...

Yup. Dragon*Con is in Atlanta every Labor Day. It's a real blast! I've heard it described as the Oscars or Cannes Film Festival of Cosplaying. :)

The Irredeemable Shag

Stabitha said...

Hey all, this is the Red Lantern Mera (in both the pictures. Boston Comic Con was a bit of a rush, so I was still putting the last bits on [lowered neckline, glowing ring, lining the neckline with that bone color, contacts etc]. The rather casual Blue Lantern Flash is my little brother, who doesn't normally dress up, but said he would for this occasion, so I made one really quick quick. And he did have a mask, but there were issues, so we just glued his ear wings on his glasses. Also, no boots. Typical guy, two pairs of shoes. Anyhow, I digress.)
Thanks for the comments! And the feature! I've actually had the site bookmarked for a bit, and to see myself on here was delightful. I've always loved Mera, especially as I am a big lover of the sea and she's an interesting character, but I really loved her Red Lantern outfit (and am a big lantern fan as well), so as soon as I saw it, I started working on it. :)
I actually have Mera's current costume in the works as well (or more, in planning, as I'm still looking for fabric) and a silly and quick Aquaman as a chick for costume parties and the like. But I must say, I'm really loving them in Brightest Day and looking forward to her green outfit (and finding an Aquaman to pal around with.) And I completely agree. Hopefully, if Brightest Day ends well, they'll give Aquaman (and Mera) their own series. She's a strong character who isn't overplayed and is interesting. And there aren't a lot of strong female characters as parts of (relatively, for now) happy couples. A lot of times, you just see the male get a lot of play and the female is only around when he needs a foil or someone to rescue, so Arthur and Mera are refreshing for me. Anyhow, now that I've written a veritable book, thanks again! And glad you like!

rob! said...

Stabitha--Thanks for stopping by, and great work! Looking forward to seeing your Mera outfit!