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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Birds of Prey"

This clip from a future episode of Brave and the Bold is making the rounds. Keep an ear out for the mention of Aquaman:

...all I have to say is, does Mera know about this?!?

(h/t: F.O.A.M.er Eric Stettmeier)


Brent said...

His "little fish"?!? Good lord. Between this, Random Panel #42, and the Elmo/Katy Perry duet, it's been a racy week for cartoons. :)

Tempest127 said...

Well now...! Like the WB theatrical shorts of old, we've always known that they were making these cartoons for us (the adults in the audience) while making them mild enough for the kids to watch, too. Looks like Cartoon Network is going to let those lyrics float (pun intended) but I'm betting that some parental watchdog groups won't like it.

Bribaby said...

Really cute! I liked the "Charlie's Angels" visual reference too.

Yep, that was pretty risque; but I guess that's the shape of things. I heard some genuine profanity on a primetime Cartoon Network series not long ago.

Saranga said...

I wondered when you'd get to this!
Lyrics in full can be foudn here btw:
(I can't be the only one not able to make out all the words, can I??)

rob! said...

It seems the general, er, thrust of the lyrics is that to the Birds of Prey, none of the other superheroes stack up against Batman. I'm sure Bruce emailed this clip to every employee at WayneCorp.

David J. Cutler said...

So sad this show's just about wrapped.

Joe Slab said...

David J:

Its been canceled but I've read there are 26 more episodes yet to air. Well 24 now that the season has started.

Anonymous said...

oh, wow... lol

I can only imagine what this song's lyrics would be if this show WASN'T for kids.

Earth 2 Chris said...

Ha! That's pretty good. No kid is going to pick up on that stuff. It's a bone for the adults. Flash is sometimes too fast too...!

I'm going to miss B&B too, but we do have quite a few episodes left.