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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Atlantis Chronicles #4 - June 1990

Comics Weekend "The Atlantis Chronicles" by Peter David and Esteban Maroto.

More years have passed, and Bazil is now a full-fledged adult, with King Orin having moved into late middle age. There's a new record keeper, Regin, who starts this new chapter talking about his mother, who has died that day:
Regin's mother was Illya, killed in battle in an attempt to reflect the most accurate history possible. Regin has no such intention to put himself in harm's way, historian or no.

By now, Poseidonis and Tritonis are in full-fledged, open war. Bazil is the new king, but everyone still follows Orin, who is a living legend.

We then flash back to right after Bazil and Cora's wedding. Cora is having nightmares about a baby growing inside her, even though she is no longer pregnant. Her one child, a daughter named Fiona, is a young teen.

The next morning, Dardanus arrives to Orin's court, to show him what the Tritonis' newborns have become:
Orin, preparing for something like this for months, decides to finally open the gates of Poseidonis to the sea permanently. This means the citizens of each city now begin to intermingle, and it doesn't go well at first--fights break out, tensions rise, but Orin tries to keep the peace.

Later, when some Tritons were out catching food, they ran afoul of some being of enormous strength. They catch it in their net, and begin to beat it to death. Dardanus stops them, and takes a look at the creature. It responds with, "Hello, father."

Orin decides to step down as king, appointing his daughter Cora to take his place as Queen. There's an official ceremony, and the people of Poseidonis are thrilled. Cora announces her first official act is to appoint her daughter Fiona as the official heir.

She is interrupted by Dardanus, who claims the right to ascension over Fiona. When Fiona angrily states she is the oldest child, the mysterious hooded figure behind Daranus speaks up:
Cora nearly collapses in shock, but when confronted tells the story of when Dardanus raped her, and Kordax is the spawn of that union, abandoned by Cora as an infant.

Kordax accuses his mother of being the true monster, but she defends herself by showing that she tried to care for the baby...who mutilated her as he suckled for sustenance. Orin and Narmea are in tears, and Bazil steps forth to admit it was he who abandoned the baby. It was Cora, desperate to prevent a civil war, who implored her husband and parents never to reveal what Dardanus did.

Despite all this, Dardanus claims Kordax is next in line to the throne, a remark Cora ignores with a slap to Dardanus' face. If this means war, then it means war!

The battles begin, and many are killed on both sides, including Regin's mother Illya. At that moment, Regin decides that if the front lines of the battle were good enough for his mother, then they are good enough for him. As Orin and Bazil stand on the battlefield, they are alerted to even more trouble:
...to be continued!


Wings1295 said...

Another great issue, the introduction of Kordax a dark piece of Atlantean history!

Anonymous said...

I love the Atlantis Chronicles. There's a level of depth to the entire story that makes it a very entertaining read, with many characters you come to care about and become interested in.

It's not your average comic book

It's IMO, one of David's finest materials.