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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Aqua-Poll Results #5

The results of our fifth Aqua Poll are in! After a total of 175 votes cast, the "winner" was...Jose Luis Garcia Lopez!
...but as you can see, Brightest Day artist Ivan Reis was right behind him. Write-in suggestions included Frances Manapul, Dan Jurgens, Jesus Saiz, and Scott Kolins.

One idea I had which is totally impractical and would never be implemented would be an Aquaman book split into 2/3rds--the main story being the regular Aquaman feature, with the back-up being a sort of "Casebook Tales of Aquaman"-type thing, set in the past, which is where you could implement more off-kilter art styles like those by Mike Allred, Amanda Conner, etc. I know, I know...it'll never happen, but its fun to imagine.
Thanks to all who voted, and congrats to JLGL. C'mon, DC, get on it!


Wings1295 said...

Yeah - C'mon, DC!!!

Joe Slab said...

I know I may be in the minority here so don't flame me, but as awesome as JLGL's art is, I don't think he's right for a new Aquaman ongoing.

His style is dated classic and Aquaman needs an artist that will engage both new fans and old with a really progressive style. One that can make you feel like you are underwater while reading the series, with beautiful seascapes and amazing cinematography.

JLGL would be great for a mini- or a YEAR ONE type of tale though.