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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Toyfare #158

The newest issue of Toyfare (#158, out today) features this close(r)-up shot of the Aquaman figure from DC Direct's Brightest Day line, out in Spring 2011.

Seeing how his chainmail shirt has been transformed into an action figure, Aquaman looks a little painful to handle, doesn't he? Mera had better be careful!


Aaron said...

Hmmm...A while ago I realized my action figure goal was to get any 6" DC Heroes that sort of look close to "Satellite Era" style from whichever collection, as long as I liked the look of them. That could fit the bill for Aquaman. Definitely could do for Hawkman. I hate they tell you about these things so long before they come out!

russell said...

Speaking of Mera, isn't she included in this line? Or am I mixing things up again?

rob! said...


She is, but the pic was small and on another page, so it didn't seem worth the effort to scan it in. :)

Aquamariner said...

Dont really like the Aquaman figure, but hey! I wouldnt be an Aquaman fan if I didnt get it anyways!

images2icons said...

Ok Rob,
you should know better Arthur's shirt is not "Chain mail" its "Scale mail" similar to Captain America's shirt. like here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scale_armour