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Friday, August 20, 2010

Starro Trading Card by Skybox, Ctd. - 1992

Last week, I posted a tiny scan of this Starro-centric trading card by Skybox. Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern, Power Girl, and Metamorpho are clearly visible, but I wondered who was that guy at the bottom left?

That started a mini-debate in the comments, with no conclusive decision made as to who it was. I sort of forgot about it and moved on (the Aquaman Shrine never sleeps).

But apparently this question haunted a generous fellow named Andrew M., who found the card on eBay (autographed by colorist Rick Taylor), purchased it, and sent it to me for further inspection! Wow!

So I think we can now determine that this mystery hero is, in fact (drum roll, please):
...Booster Gold!

As Andrew said in his emails to me, "
Upon closer inspection, I now 100% acknowledge that it's Booster. Even though Animal Man and Booster's costumes are really similar, there's an obvious difference in the pattern that I failed to recognize. Booster's torso has a yellow triangle, and the corner forms sort of a yellow arrow on his shoulder on the darker sleeve. Animal Man has the blue triangle on the orange/gold torso that forms a blue arrow on the lighter sleeve. The card is definitely Booster, even if it doesn't make much sense for the JLE."

Wow, you have to admire that level of dedication. For that, Andrew is more than deserving to join the hallowed halls of F.O.A.M. He also pointed out something on the back of the card I failed to mention the first time around, the Aqua-centric trivia question:
...thanks so much Andrew, and welcome to F.O.A.M.!


Russell said...

Another interesting item, JLA fans....the pic on the back copies the Brian Bolland pose from JLA 190(according to the note)....but from 1991!?!?!?! Funny, my copy of JLA 190 is circa 1982. Perhaps they meant to write 190-191?

Wings1295 said...

Interesting. I first thought Booster, too, even though he isn't drawn very well... or rather, very clearly.

Randy said...

Russell, that JLA story you mention was in JLA 189 and 190.

Boosterrific said...

Now I'm sorry that I wasn't doing my typical web lurking last week (vacation). As an expert on Booster Gold, I can also confirm that the card -- 125 in the Cosmic Teams set -- definitely depicts Dan Jurgens' long-haired Booster as depicted by Jurgens following Justice League Spectacular in 1992. This was pointed out to me some time ago by a Boosterrific.com visitor with a complete set of the cards.