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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Missed Opportunity: Secret Origins - 1975

A couple of days ago, when talking about Aquaman's cover appearance on the Superman Vs. Flash tabloid edition, a question was asked about whether Aquaman made many appearances in DC's treasury comics of the 1970s.

The answer, sadly, is no--he had small roles in three of them: Super Friends, Justice League of America, Superman Vs. Flash, and that's it: that's the sum total of Aquaman's presence in the classic treasuries.

And as you can see from the above cover, even when there was a great opportunity to give Aquaman a solo slot, other heroes were favored, like Flash, Green Lantern...and Captain Marvel.

Frequent readers of the Aquaman Shrine will know of My Grudge Against Shazam, and I'm not going to go all over it again here. Plus, the Big Red Cheese was a big star of the 70s, having his own live-action TV show, so it only makes sense that DC would promote him so heavily. Plus,
Black Manta was never given an origin, so that cut Aquaman's chances to be in these books by half.

That said, when DC decided to do a second collection of Super-Villain Secret Origins, who did they highlight in place of Captain Marvel and Aquaman?:
...Hawkman?!? Aaarrgggghhh!


Siskoid said...

Is there a grudge against Hawkman coming?

rob! said...

:) No. It's Cap that really stole Aquaman's...thunder (sorry) when it came to merchandising and stuff (see the label for more examples). This Hawkman thing was a weird one-off.