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Sunday, August 15, 2010

DC Heroes RPG - World In The Balance - 1992

Another item courtesy F.O.A.M.er Siskoid, this is the cover a 1992 module for the DC Heroes RPG game titled "World In The Balance." From a description I found of it online:

Someone very powerful is seeking to expand their dominion, and Justice League America and Justice League Europe must work together to find out who is behind this massive plot to hold the world hostage!

World in the Balance is a first in the DC HEROES Role-Playing Game line. In this 'double adventure,' 5 to 7 players alternate between two separate characters, one from each branch of the new post-Breakdowns Justice League. Or if 10 to 12 DC HEROES players are gathered, half play characters from Justice League America and half play characters from Justice League Europe, with both groups uniting at the end to rescue the Man-of Steel and Hal Jordan and save Earth from imminent domination.

World in the Balance features: Detailed maps of The Ferris Aircraft and Aeronautics Proving Ground, The Mojave Desert, and S.T.A.R. Labs, as well as NEW statistics for The Flash III, Libra II, Blackrock, Brain Storm, Nightfall and Shatterfist."

The cover art is by Paris Cullins, and I like the old school-style heroes-vs.villains motif. As I have said many times before, I've never played much RPG but of course if I did I'd have to be Aquaman. I would imagine you didn't have too many people dying to be Crimson Fox, but you never know.

Thanks Siskoid!


Siskoid said...

Cover art by Paris Cullins. (It's in my original email.)

rob! said...


Siskoid said...

To answer your query about which character to play, though most products like this suggest specific heroes, most groups use their own original creations. Half the fun of Superhero RPGs is their character creation process, so it's not surprising. I've often tried to nudge players towards established characters, just for the experience, with no interest.

I did institute a guest star program though, and players not usually in the group could show up and pick a character off the shelf. Plastic Man, Blue Devil and Red Tornado each appeared with our Your Own Heroes(TM) team.

IADW said...

I don't know what it is specifically - but I just really like that cover image... it also gives me a hankering to read more of Aquaman and Booster together as well.

JasonMotesBowles said...

Who is the villain in the purple mask/cloak?

rob! said...


I believe that's the Superman villain Black Rock.

Randy said...

In 1992, when I was in college, I lived in an apartment with two other fellow comic book collectors and gamers. We gamed every weekend and any chance we could. One of our regular campaigns that year was a JLA series. It stood for Justice League Atlanta and it took place in the year 1999. Aquaman reformed the Justice League after a several year absence due to mismanagement under Maxwell Lord.

Guess who was Aquaman? :)

Yeah, me. I came up with the concept to have Aquaman fund it himself, using various treasures he found in sunken ships throughout the world. Scavenger rights allowed him to do this legally. It was a fun campaign that included such stalwart Leaguers as Raptor (a Thanagarian who stayed behind on Earth after the Invasion series), Jack O'Lantern (the Global Guardian), Bronze Tiger and a reformed Dr. Destiny.

Good times!

That wasn't my first foray as the Sea King nor would it be my last!