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Friday, August 13, 2010

Cover to Cover: Limited Collectors' Edition #C-48

One of the all-time classic treasury comics from their 70s heyday, collecting two different Superman/Flash races (from Superman #199 and Flash #175, respectively).

Aquaman and his fellow JLAers have appearances in each story, but the Sea King only has one line in each ("Good luck, Flash!", in a surprising endorsement). Here on the cover (by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez and Bob Oksner) we see who's rooting for who--although I'm hard-pressed to describe what Aquaman is actually doing.

After the race, I hope that there were no hard feelings on the JLA Satellite!


Unknown said...

This cover makes me wonder if Aquaman ever appeared on any of the Giant-sized covers, even itty-bitty?

Aaron said...

This I don't have :( Love the giant format, it's like getting your comics in widescreen.

Russell said...

I read that the starter is supposed to be somebody at DC, like Sol Harrison or Carmine Infantino? I don't remember.

rob! said...

McDc--He's on the Super Friends and JLA treasury covers, but that's about it. He even got shafted on the "Secret Origins" books, being replaced first by Hawkman then by (arrrggghhh!) Captain Marvel.

Aaron--Have you seen my TreasuryComics.com site?

Russell--Ha! I never heard that. It looks more like Harrison to me.

Richard said...

At least now we know why Flash was so harsh with Firestorm that one time. "Don't you dare write off Arthur, you little punk! He endorsed me over Superman!" It's all starting to make sense.