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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cover to Cover: DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest #5

This cheery cover (by Andru and Giordano, 'natch) features a colorful assortment of DC stars, including the founding members of the Justice League, whose origin story (from Justice League of America #9) is reprinted here.

There are also origin stories of The Demon, Green Lantern, Wonder Girl, and Deadman, as well as an all-new Zatanna/Zatara story by Gerry Conway and Romeo Tanghal. A very solid collection of stories!

As good as this book is, what really sort of fascinates me is the back cover:
First off, the design is just great, but I'm tickled by Andru's use of body poses for the figures: up top, Batman looks like he's trying to remember his pin number, Flash is clearly showing off his runner's butt, Green Lantern is about to zap Superman in the back of the head with a power ring blast, and let's not even talk about that jug-eared Martian Manhunter.

For his part, Aquaman looks skeptical of the whole thing.


Siskoid said...

Alos love Deadman's NOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

Earth 2 Chris said...

This is one of my all-time favorite comics. It was the first time I knew of the origins of all of these folks. The JLA origin tale from issue #9 was particularly cool. I felt like I knew something my other friends didn't (not that most of them cared, but hey).


Aaron said...

Excellent, those poses are great! It's always interesting to see older pics of fishnets Zatanna. My latest blog on "Continued" was me showing the cigar box I keep my DC Digests in, they'r among my faovurite things! You just got a lot for the size.

rob! said...

Siskoid--Deadman seems very upset about Zatanna's kick-step.

Chris--I picture a little kid version of you, going on and on about the Apellax aliens, to the indifferent shrugs of the other kids on the playground.

Aaron said...

Wow, excuse the typos up there. Need sleep.

rob! said...

Aaron--Yeah, they were a great deal, price wise. There's a lot of good material in between those covers.

John said...

Rob--I was going to say that Bats looks like he forgot where he parked the Batmobile (which happened to me at Home Depot the other day), but your comment is much funnier.

I now have an urge to try and track this one down. The Digests usually went under my radar. Your entries featuring them has piqued my curiosity.

Andy Luckett said...

Aquaman is busting out his "just finished breakdancing funky-fresh" pose. Epic.