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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Aquaman on the Web: DC's 75 Biggest Moments

Over on CBR, there's a poll taking votes as to the top 75 most memorable moments in DC Comics history.

Aquaman made the cut in three instances--#7 (the death of Arthur Jr.), #59 (Aquaman loses his hand), and #79 (the first meeting of the JLA and the JSA).

I would of course argue there are a lot more Aqua-moments (some more joyful ones, perhaps) that belong on this list, but at least he made it as a solo act--twice--unlike his pals Hawkman and the Atom, who didn't make the list at all.

Check out the article and vote vote vote!

(h/t: F.O.A.M.er Joe Slab)


Joe Slab said...

You know I agree with you rob!

I would have included;

The wedding of Aquaman and Mera

The birth of Arthur Jr.

Mera walks in on Dolphin and Arthur

Tempest's debut

LIVE from Blackest Night with Aquaman in the forefront

Other moments from FOAMers?

rob! said...

Off the top of my head, I'd say:

Aquaman/Mera wedding

Birth of Arthur Jr.

Aquaman takes over the JLA

Unofficial Aquaman/Sub-Mariner crossover in the final issues of each title (probably pushing it on that one)

Siskoid said...

Aquaman dissolving the JLA in Annual #2 is one of my favorite Aquaman moments EVER.

Siskoid said...

Now that I've looked through the list, I can't say I care much for this 100. Bit of a Frank Miller/Alan Moore fetish, no? There are tons of Batman moments, but most are from only three stories (Dark Knight Returns, Year One and the O'Neil Ra's al Ghul stuff) and includes a pin-up(!). If this were a list of memorable stories, I'm not sure it would bust the 50 mark.

Disappointing, but only in a Wizard magazine kind of way.

rob! said...


Even though I myself would want the whole Aquaman-taking-over-the-JLA moment on the list, it really only works if you forget how it all eventually turned out. :)

And I agree, the list is very last-20-years-centric, which I guess is understandable. And there's a whole of lot of back breaking, killing, and maiming, as opposed to happier moments, which DC stopped doing around 1983.

Siskoid said...

I've attempted by own 100 merely as an exercise (I'm not publishing it... though I might publish a similar list for other properties, like Doctor Who) and it's not easy to get to 100. I haven't yet, but I've done no real research, only top of my head.

And that's why I count the dissolution, and not the rebuilding as the real kick ass moment. But then, the Detroit League is just as infamous as the rolling head of Pantha, so no problem calling it "memorable".

Aaron said...

Atom did get on there with #97, I think with Green Arrow, which was a pretty good choice - I loved Rock of Ages...though I also think that finding Jean with another man from Sword of the Atom #1 could have been on there, that seems like a pretty big moment.

One Aquaman moment that seems big to me is when he refused to get back into the superhero thing in Kingdom Come.

Unknown said...
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Aaron said...
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Diabolu Frank said...

Brian Cronin has spotlighted Martian Manhunter a number of times to the exclusion of more popular characters, so I assume he likes J'Onn. That's nice, as is the Manhunter's solo appearance on the list for his debut. That said, I have little regard for Cronin's authority on these matters, as evidenced by his hogging multiple spots for one overrated Ra's al Ghul story, and his general lack of historical perspective. As Siskoid mentioned, his lists are very Wizard Magazine, referencing only the most obvious older books and favoring recent vintages like the dreadful Identity Crisis. I guess sodomy is memorable, but even then, shouldn't Silk Spectre have taken that slot?

Anonymous said...

Proboly my favoprite moment was when the JLA was fighting the white martians and AM basically explodes Zum's brain, that was way beyond cool