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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Aquaman: The Animated Series

These are custom-made character designs for a Bruce Timm-style Aquaman: The Animated Series, a product of the imagination of F.O.A.M.er Allan Arevalo.

There's lots to say about these, so I'll let Allan speak for himself:

"What I'm sending you is pure home-made material, but it's made with passion for Aquaman. It's some fan art I cooked up after Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis was cancelled. I thought to myself...what would I do if I were working on an Aquaman book? So I day dreamt for some time coming up with characters and stuff, until I decided that I wanted to actually SEE what I came up with and not just have it in my head.

So, with the help of PAINT (believe it or not!) and using some Bruce Timm Animated style templates (downloaded from this site) I came up with a few designs for main Aquaman characters and some others of my own creativity. They're a little blurry, but I think they're quite nice.

Here's the list of characters I'm sending to you with a little 'about me' for each one:

Aquaman: This design is what I think needed to be changed about Aquaman's costume.

Aqualad: Same thing, I never really liked Garth's 'speedo' look, so I altered it a little.

Mera: Two designs here, one as she would dress for royal matters and the other as she would when searching for an adventure!

Vulko: I always thought he needed a hair cut and a shave.

Tempest: Made this one just for the hell of it!

Derea: I thought she could be introduced into an Aquaman monthly as a sidekick, and thought she needed to look more modern.

Commander Argon: I always thought that Aquaman needed a Royal Guard Commander. Someone 100% loyal who'd watch Aquaman's back and Mera's.

General Gammal: I always wanted Atlantis to have THE most awesome military might below the waves, and every army needs a general!

Lord Iqula: This is how I think he could look in a new series... maybe."

But Allan didn't stop there, he also worked up some old and new villains:
"Black Manta: As much as I love him, I've always had a problem with his huge helmet. This is how I think he should look....again, maybe.

Ocean Master: I thought he needed a new look too if he was going to be in a new series.

King Memnon: This one I came up with. The ruler of the Mongrels. Barbarians who only live to loot and plunder! He's a humanoid Orca (I really like how it came out)

Emperor Iravat: I always thought it'd be nice to have another political powerhouse aside from Atlantis in the oceans, so Iravat is the ruler of the Naga, based on that whole half-human, half-serpent mythology we all know about.

Ophion: This guy is (or would be if I ever get a chance to write an Aquaman book...yeah, I know!) Poseidon's bodyguard. He'd fall in love with Mera and therefore end up being Aquaman's sworn enemy!"

I was really, really impressed by Allan's creativity and enthusiasm for Aquaman and his cast--to work up all these designs (not to mention all the thought that went into them beforehand) is a real Herculean task, and there are definitely elements here that I could see in use as an actual "Timm-verse" type animated series. And imagine the toy line!

Thanks Allan!


Airship Over Water said...

Whoa, those are great. It's such a shame that we can't see this come to life right now. We can only hope that someday down the road an animated movie or cartoon may happen.

But again -- great job on the designs. That had to take some time. I think my favorite is probably Garth -- and the Aquaman suit redesign isn't half bad.

Brandan E said...

Not a big fan of the Aquaman redesign, but the Black Manta redesign definitely works for me.

Wings1295 said...

Yeah, Aquaman needs to get more retro, but the rest all rock. Awesome stuff!

Anonymous said...

I think hand down my favorite re-designs are Aquaman & Ocean Master. And as for the 3 newly created villains, I simply love it. I especially loved the creature humanoid villains and felt that Aquaman should have more. I remember when Black Manta was a hybrid and I recall this dude who called himself Eel (who was like an electric eel) that briefly appeared and thought was cool.

I'd love to see those 3 villains brought into comics. Heck, you should come up with more in depth back stories and maybe even email DC Comics about those 3 villain ideas.

chunky B said...

Nice redesigns I could easily see this being the character art for a new animated series. Great job!

Bribaby said...

Really well-done! Very impressive. Maybe this'll put a bug in somebody's ear and an animated series might actually come to pass.