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Saturday, July 03, 2010

F.O.A.M.er Help Needed

F.O.A.M.member in good standing Nick Allen wrote me this morning to say that his "for sure" ticket to the San Diego Comic Con has fallen through, and now is in urgent need of one. Nick has his flight and hotel booked, so this is obviously of major importance and time is of the essence!

So I'm making a plea here on the Shrine, that if any one of you out there has an extra ticket they would like to sell to Nick, please contact me and I will connect you up with him.

I went to the SDCC four times back in the 90s, and I remember how much fun going to the show was (comics, laughs, hobnobbing with comics pros, drinking until I had to lean on a pregnant woman to keep me up). So to do what I can to help out a member of F.O.A.M., I am offering a F.O.A.M. membership to anyone who hooks Nick up with a ticket.

If you are already a F.O.A.M. member, the prize will be an Aqua-Item of some sort, to be determined later (but trust me, it'll be cool). Let's get Nick a ticket and send to the SDCC!


Joe Slab said...

I wish I could help here...ebay has passes on sale 4 day ranging from 300-600$ fyi

Anonymous said...

Sadly everything is sold out if I had known about this earlier I would've recommend buying one of the returned membership passes available last week.

Josh Hill said...

well, I can't help out directly with a ticket, but you can try your chances at winning two tickets for SDCC at swagbucks.com.