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Sunday, July 18, 2010

DC Super Friends #29 - Sept. 2010

Comics Weekend "Con Games" by Sholly Fisch and Stewart McKenny.

This month's issue of DC Super Friends--sadly, the final one--opens outside a comic convention. As various comics fans file in, we see there are some uninvited guests attending as well:
Yes, a gaggle of mischievous imps (Bat-Mite, Mr. Mxyzptlk, Mopee, Shaggy The Leprechaun, and Quisp) have arrived at the comic con to pick up collectibles, visit their favorite artists, and...attend a panel with the Super Friends!:
Suddenly, one of the convention hall's walls crumbles when Titano The Super Ape comes smashing through, on a rampage! The Super Friends of course go into action, and using their combined powers subdue the big ape without unduly hurting him.

An even bigger surprise than Titano himself is when, after he is captured, he transforms into a toy. Wonder Woman suggests, "Magic?"

Meanwhile, the imps fan out through the show, and Quisp goes looking for Aquaman comics:
...and that's how you deal with Aqua-Haters!

After a run-in with a disbelieving Flash fan, Mr. Myxzptlk talks Mopee into using his powers to give everyone at the con super powers, which of course results in total chaos!

The Super Friends do their best to keep the people safe:
Mr. Mxyzptlk is simply enjoying himself too much to remain hidden, but when all chaos threatens his hide, he says his magic word and returns to his home dimension.

Green Lantern notices that Mxy said he didn't use his magic, which means there are other troublemakers to blame. The Super Friends demand the imps show themselves, who try and blame Mxy for talking them into all the mischief:
The end!

Talk about going out with a bang--Sholly Fisch works in a Who's Who-esque stream of DC characters, some so obscure even I hadn't heard of them (Shaggy the Leprechaun? Yes, Shaggy The Leprechaun!). Aquaman gets a lot to do, an Aqua-Hater is tweaked, and the setting gives artist Stewart McKenny the chance to work in tons of extra, Mad-style gags (check out page 3 up top, where you can see Hawkman grumbling he never made it into the DCSF book!).

In this issue's letter column (where the book's fate is revealed), there are more fan drawings, including two by some young AquaFans:
Mr. Wilcox and Ms. Ehrlich, I'm looking forward to you becoming F.O.A.M. members one day.

Of course, I'm very sad that this is the last issue DC Super Friends, a title I bought and enjoyed from the very first issue. I guess there's not much to gnash teeth over--either a book sells well enough, or it doesn't--but nevertheless I'm sorry to see it go.

I have some other thoughts on this subject, but I'll stop for now because we have some happier news to report: The Aquaman Shrine has a special tribute to the book lined up--an all-new interview with DC Super Friends artist Stewart McKenny! Be here tomorrow!


Joe Huber said...

My LCBS never carried this on a regular basis. They always would look at me funny when I would request it. I think that sometimes store owners forget that the best way to continue their success is to tap into younger generations of readers.

Joe Slab said...

Major bummer rob! I can't believe DC is cancelling Super Friends especially since I recently heard that Toys R Us is going to start selling comics.

Thanks for your devoted coverage of this great book!

Anyone know just who is Mopee and does he appear in the main DCU?

rob! said...

Joe--A comic book store that doesn't want to carry comics for kids. Brilliant!

Joe--Toys R Us carrying comics: Good.

DC canceling SF: bad.

Mopee is a little imp character that debuted in an issue of The Flash in the mid-60s. It was revealed that Barry Allen was not hit by a random lightning bolt, it was Mopee who aimed it at Barry so he would become a superhero.

It was one of those stories that was pretty much instantly reviled the minute it hit the stands, and the whole character and concept was quietly forgotten and never mentioned again. :)

David J. Cutler said...

Very sad to see this comic go. I'm not the target audience so I wasn't picking it up or anything, it was just the kinda book we needed more of, not less.

Shellhead said...

No shock here. I only see the 10 and under crowd in my store maybe twice a year. Comics don't appeal to the youngsters the way they used to. I blame video games and 24 cartoon networks. As a teacher, I can count on one hand that number of times I've seen a student reading a comic book. 100's of instances with manga. But Marvel/DC books? Not really.

matthew jones said...

It's a shame to hear about DC Super Friends being cancelled, as it's a quality series that seemed perfect for the younger comic reader. I also bow to Sholly Fisch's excellent knowledge of ultra obscure DC characters, e.g. Shaggy The Leprechaun who I have never heard of him. As for Mopee, he made a memorable appearance in one of my all time favourite comics, as did Quisp, Ambush Bug #3, in which the Bug gives us his own history of the DC universe. Mopee claims to be responsible for fare more than making Barry Allen the Flash, which is pretty funny.