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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Batman: Brave and the Bold #19 - Sept. 2010

In the newest issue of Batman: Brave and the Bold (#19, out this week) is the above *excellent* drawing of Aquaman, and regular Shrine readers know I always post such masterpieces here.

What's doubly exciting about this piece (and the Batman one above it) is that its by an actual member of F.O.A.M.: The Next Generation, Hunter Schafer, part of the Aqua-happy Hunter Family! Wow!

Two members of the Hunter Family, Hunter and Skye, got their drawings and letters printed in this issue, which is quite an achievement. I'm proud to have two members of F.O.A.M. show up in the pages of an actual DC comic!

Its people like the Schafers that make me think the whole "F.O.A.M.: The Next Generation" isn't just a label I jokingly came up with, its the vanguard of a whole new, er, wave of Aqua-Fans.

Congrats, Hunter and Skye!


Wings1295 said...

Cool pics!

On a side note, there is no news of this comic being cancelled, is there?

rob! said...

According to DC's site, they have up through issue #22 (which features Aquaman!) scheduled. I haven't heard any cancellation news...yet.

Mac said...

Wow! You are fast Rob! The kids were pumped to see their art in a comic!