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Sunday, July 11, 2010

2010 SDCC Exclusive

This is the ridiculously cool JLA/Brave and the Bold #28 action figure/diorama set being sold exclusively at this year's San Diego Comic Con.

Since I am not going to the SDCC (I think my SDCC days are over), I had no thoughts of getting this, and I hadn't gotten around to mentioning it here on the Shrine.

But a bunch of FOAMers have been sending me links about it, and since like I said I'm not going to the con, each time I get an email with a link to this thing its like a dagger in the heart*. So I thought I'd post the damn thing now to let everyone else know, no need to taunt me with this further!

As if this set by itself wasn't cool enough, it features a series of recorded voice messages (read by Kevin "Batman The Animated Series" Conroy no less!) giving you a little bit of history of each character. If you're at the con and you're an Aqua-Fan, I don't know how you don't pick this baby up.

*I may be being overly dramatic.


Tegan said...

Ha! I agree with you. Not going, can't get it, hurts a little every time someone mentions it.

Joe Slab said...

Lol - rob!

The narrative to this little gem includes that B&B #28 was Aquaman's 1st ever cover appearance on a DC comic...hard to believe he had to wait for the Silver Age to make a cover appearance!

David J. Cutler said...

Really hoping they release the Aquaman by himself next year--still hasn't been an Infinite Heroes version of the character, so maybe we'll get a mass market release with repaints?

rob! said...

Tegan--You know my pain!

Joe--I got the link to that YouTube video, but I seem to have lost it. :( If you have it post it in the comments so everyone can marvel at this thing.

David--I bet you're right, esp. since Aquaman has not been part of the line yet.


Joe Hennes said...

Any idea on how much it's going to cost? Not that I'll be at SDCC, but I'd like to know how much more I'll have to spend to get it on eBay.

Joe Slab said...

no prob rob!

link to video for this baby:


Russell said...

Rob, did you happen to see the nifty Plastic Man in his own suitcase box that is also going to be available at SDCC? There are ginchy photos on www.mattycollector.com for you to drool over.

dig-dig-dig...sorry, hope you survived that. :-)

rob! said...

Russell--I did see that, pretty sweet.

Its funny, I used to really resent all the SDCC exclusives, but I came to realize its only because it reminded me that I didn't go to the show.

I'm not sure I'll ever go back, unless I get lucky with Hey Kids, Comics! and I'm there to promote it. :)

Randy said...


I want this so bad!!!!

David J. Cutler said...

I think this will actually be available from Mattycollector--the SDCC version has starro masks for the character's faces. (I could be wrong)

Fleerfan said...

This looks amazing. Great attention to detail as Aquaman has yellow gloves just as he did on the original cover.