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Friday, June 11, 2010

Showcase #100 Ad - 1978

This phenomenally exciting ad for Showcase #100 ran in a ton of DC's books in early 1978, and I remember it really making me want to get my hands on it: look at all the heroes involved--Aquaman, The Flash, Adam Strange, The Atom, Bat Lash, and more!!

My mind may be playing tricks on me, but I seem to remember different versions of the ad that swapped out the older Showcase covers seen at left (a wonderful touch). I can't seem to find any version of this ad that isn't the one you see above, but I swear I thought there was at least one other--it featured one of Aquaman's Showcase appearances (#s 30-33), which is why its so stuck in my memory.

Anyway, even though Aquaman is in this story, I haven't yet gotten around to doing a recap of the book on the Shrine. So be here tomorrow when we discuss Showcase #100!

Update: A commenter mentions that the ad I'm thinking of was for Showcase #94 (the first issue of the series after having been canceled for many years), not #100. I went and dug up the ad, and, yep that's it:
...mystery solved!


Russell said...

Rob, that's funny that you say you remember different logos in the ad because as I looked at it and *before* I actually read your piece I was thinking, "wasn't there a different set of these??" So I'll try to go back and see if I can find a different copy of this ad in any of my old comics...although most of them are in storage, so I probably won't have any luck. :-(

John said...

I remember there being an Aquaman issue as well in that side line-up.

Joe Slab said...

Showcase #100 is an often over-looked gem of a comic!

In many ways, this was the 1st and original BIG EVENT in the DCU.

Aquadcd said...

Wasn't there an ad like this for the new Doom Patrol in Showcase? That's where I remember seeing the Aquaman Showcase cover. - DCD

rob! said...

DCD--You know what, you might be right!