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Sunday, June 20, 2010

DC Super Friends #28 -Aug. 2010

Comics Weekend "Riddle Me This!" by Sholly Fisch and Dario Brizuela.

This month's issue of DC Super Friends opens with a gang of dastardly villains in their secret hideout, in a meeting headed by The Riddler.

The Riddler tries to get them on board with a new, sure-to-succeed plan he's constructed, but the other villains (Signalman, Angle Man, The Cluemaster, The Calculator, and The Puzzler) are skeptical, offering up their own ideas. Riddler finally gets so tired of being doubted he breaks up the meeting, yelling at everyone to get out:
The ancient stone tablet seen on TV contains an inscription possibly leading to a vast treasure--which is of course too good for the super-villains to pass up. So they hatch a plan to distract the Super Friends (who have been called in to try and solve the mysterious inscription) while the villains try and find the treasure!

Later, Cluemaster and The Puzzler leave a riddle for the Super Friends floating in the sky. Our heroes quickly solve it, figuring it means The Golden Kernel Corn Company, nearby. Superman doesn't want to leave the professor and the ancient tablet unguarded, so they split up, with Aquaman, Flash, and Green Lantern investigating the clue:
Meanwhile, both remaining sets of heroes and villains work on the mystery, and come to the same conclusion: the treasure is located at The Colossus of Rhodes!

The Super Friends and the super-villains each head there, but Batman discovers something fishy: the clue on the tablet uses longitudes, which weren't created for hundreds of years after the tablet was supposedly written!

With the jig being up, the professor reveals himself to be the super-baddie Duke of Deception, who hoped the heroes and villains would do exactly what they are doing: release the actual Colossus of Rhodes--a sixty-foot high robotic creature!

The Colossus goes on a rampage, and the Super Friends try and stop it. Angry at being tricked, the villains decide to help out by overloading the Colossus' mechanical brain by asking it riddles. As the monster pauses in confusion, the Super Friends team-up to stop it once and for all:
To their surprise, the Super Friends thank the villains for their help, though Batman promises, "We'll be watching!"

The end!

As is always the case with DC Super Friends, this issue is a lot of fast-moving fun. Its great seeing a bunch of pretty-obscure villains (Cluemaster? Signalman?)--writer Sholly Fisch always seems to make room for at least one or two lesser known citizens of the DCU, all the while keeping the main stars out front. And bonus points for giving Aquaman a little moment all to his own!


Unknown said...

Looks like The Riddler's been working out! :)

Russell said...

I really, REALLY like that cover!

Anonymous said...

Has this series been cancelled? It wasn't solicited in the last two Previews catalogs!

rob! said...

Yep (*sniff*) Next issue is the last.