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Monday, June 28, 2010

Comic Book Zodiac - Aquarius

As promised, here's the other page from the Comic Book Zodiac, published by Deaver Park Press, featuring another member of the Aqua-Family.

I'm not sure why Aquaman wasn't used for Aquarius, with Mera being Pisces, but what the hey. Obviously the people behind this whole thing are pretty big Aquaman fans--who else would even think to give Mera her own page like this?

Thanks again for submitting this to our newest F.O.A.M. member, Stergios George Botzakis!


Nick Danger said...

Well they gave Aquaman Pisces...


Black Manta's there too.

rob! said...

Nick--See previous post!

Wings1295 said...

Very cool! Those would be great, framed side-by-side. Manta notwithstanding, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, this is Brent Baldwin, from Deaver Park Press. Thank you for featuring our poster designs on your site! We really appreciate it. We have these posters (and the rest of our Comic Book Zodiac) for sale at our Etsy store, and we have special going for both the Aquarius and Pisces posters, so check it out!


Also, I wanted to let you know the reasons we chose Mera for Aquarius, and Aquaman and Black Manta for Pisces.

We picked Mera to be our Aquarius (a.k.a. The Water Bearer) because of her water manipulation abilities. Which is why, on the poster, she's using water to propel herself upward.

As for Aquaman and Black Manta, we chose to use both of them to represent the two fish in the traditional symbol for Pisces. We did a similar thing on our Gemini poster, where we used both Bruce Banner and The Hulk to symbolize The Twins.