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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Toyfare #155

A new issue of Toyfare, another appearance of an Aquaman toy!

In the newest issue (#155, out this week), the DC Dynamics Aquaman statue by Tim Bruckner makes it onto the Top 5 Statues and Busts List.

Aquaman may not be able to sell comics too well, but slap him on some merchandise (even $200 statues) and it flies off the shelves!


Erik the Sleeper said...

"Flamboiant circus outfit"?!?!?!

Captain America?
Most Marvel characters?

I like Artie's outfit (not sure about the black undies sometimes)! He does look great in the statues, that's for sure!!!

JRainey said...

I got my statue a few weeks ago...I like it...except for the trident...I like the one with the three prongs and the two little ones on the side...

Ashley said...

I saw this at our local comic shop and wanted it so bad but someone bought it first.

Good thing I might be working there soon. Hello discounts!